Young’s Jersey Dairy: Columbus, OH- 30 Day Road Trip

Thank you Discover Ohio and Young’s Jersey Dairy for providing complimentary food and activities to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

Well, we are 14 days into our road trip, and we spent the morning at Boonshoft Discovery Museum, then headed about 30 minutes East to Yellow Springs, OH to Young’s Jersey Dairy.


I was excited to visit this dairy as I love family run businesses, and couldn’t wait to try their homemade cheeses and ice creams!


I was not disappointed. Although we visited a ton of fun places on our road trip, my favorite stop on our trip was Young’s Jersey Dairy. Holy Cow (pun intended) you guys, we had SO MUCH FUN here! So just know this is a long post, as I can’t say enough good about this place, it is the perfect family destination. But read it all, because you have to see why we loved a dairy so much, and why you should definitely visit!


We started by meeting one of the owners, Dan Young, and he gave us a tour of the property.


Dan was so nice, and I loved hearing about how his family started their dairy, how it grew and evolved over time, and went from a family farm and dairy to a local place to buy dairy products, and now to a popular family destination, restaurant, and business with 320 employees. You can read the complete history here.

I loved seeing how much pride he takes in his family business.  Also, the amount of work, thought, and effort they have put in to making it a fantastic destination. They are continually working to improve the options offered, and meet guest expectations and exceed them. They expect guests to have fun, and they work hard to make it so. And they sure succeeded with us!

Derrick-feeding-goatOne of the things I loved so much about this property is how many fun options there are. Our first activity was feeding the goats. My kids loved letting the goats eat the food right off their hands. Derrick was a little shy at first, but quickly got the hang of it!


And the goats loved all the attention the kids were giving them, and the food! You can buy pellet food to feed them for quarters, and you will definitely get your money’s worth, as they will all stick their little heads out and eat!

goatOf course goats are not the only animals at Young’s Jersey Dairy. You can also see the cows. They milk them each day, and you can go watch them milk. They use the milk to make some of the products they offer, and get other local milk to make the rest, as they only have about 30 cows on property. The milk is used to make the ice cream and cheese offered in the Dairy Store, and at the Golden Jersey Inn.


The ice cream is all made right on property in machines called batch freezers, which make 5 or 10 gallons of ice cream per batch. They have seasonal flavors, and a featured flavor of the week. They serve it at both the Dairy Store and The Golden Jersey Inn! Just be warned, the servings are HUGE! And delicious!


This is a 2-scoop cone! And boy did he love it. Fortunately they do offer kiddie cones as well, and tons of other options. I got a rootbeer float that was awesome. My son got the Buckeye Sunday, which I helped myself to. My sister got a milk shake. She was thrilled that it was thick and tasty!


The staff was so nice and let my kids try all the various flavors they wanted to try. And even brought our ice cream out to our table since our party was large and a little chaotic. But the ice cream….gahhhh..every flavor and option was rich, creamy, and exactly what you would want and expect when getting ice cream at a dairy farm! Sooooo good.

ice cream nose at youngs

Just the ice cream is reason enough to go visit Young’s Jersey Dairy. And the friendly and helpful employees are another.

But wait…there is more! In addition to ice cream, hospitality, and animals, there is what is called Udders and Putters!  Which is a ton of family fun! There is mini golf, batting cages, a driving range, a big slide, moovers and shakers (a barrel train type ride for kids), a kiddie area, and more!

uttersandputtersYou guys, we spent hours having fun here! And stayed until close.

Batting Cages Young's

The batting cages were so much fun, and my kids all played until their hands were sore from batting. The covered cages offered slow and fast pitch softball as well as 4 different speeds of baseball. It rained a little while we were there, but that did not stop things because they have fans that dry the pitching machines. Even I jumped in to show my kids my mad batting skills. Elbow up kiddos, elbow up!

CC Youngs

I am pretty sure the little one had the most fun. I literally had to pick her up, and forcibly remove her from the property when it was time to leave, and she fell asleep instantly once we got in the car because she wore herself out!

CC fun

Note the messy face! She couldn’t be stopped long enough for me to wipe it up! She rode Moover’s and Shakers about 80 times, no exaggeration. And then headed to the Kiddie Coral to enjoy the bouncy houses, rock wall, putting for kids, and her favorite–the tricycles.

YJD kid play area

There were a bunch of John Deere tractors, and kiddie bikes and trikes, and a little track for the little ones to ride on. Before this day, she did not know how to ride a trike, but she learned quick. I kept asking her if she was ready to go, and she kept saying, “Um, I’m riding my bike mom. Later”

But don’t worry, they had cars to ride for big kids too.

Go karts peddal

Their pedal karts are so much fun. They have employees there to help adjust the seats so they are in the right place for your leg length, and to rescue you if you get stuck somewhere.

My kids and I raced several times, and I am happy to say I was the winner! It was a great work out, and I needed it since we ate so much ice cream while we were there because it was so good.


I had never been to a driving range before, so it was fun to try my hand at it. I am TERRIBLE! But it was so much fun. Hannah (my little sister) was much better than I at it.


My favorite was the slide! The kids loved to race. They usually beat me, payback for beating them on the pedal karts. We had so much fun. I couldn’t drag my kids away from the place. They are open late, which is so nice, as we felt we could stop for a snack or dinner because it wouldn’t mean missing out on the fun!


Speaking of the food, we had snacks early in the day, with some Sweet Chili Fried Cheese Curd that was seriously so yummy. I basically ate the whole plate myself!

Fried-Cheese-CurdsAfter spending hours playing, we ate dinner at The Golden Jersey Inn. It was great. The portions were large, the food fantastic, and the atmosphere was fun and homey.

The food was served with Sweet Potato Bread, applesauce, and coleslaw. The sweet potato bread BLEW. MY. MIND! It was so good. I will definitely be trying to recreate it at home! You guys, I liked it so much I went back and bought a loaf to take home with me.

youngs dairy restaurantThe whole property was awesome. There were old tractors that used to be operational on the farm, silo’s, the Red Barn, and fun to be had at every turn.


Basically, go to Young’s! You will love it so much. You can buy wrist bands to do the Udder and Putters, and enjoy food at the Dairy Store and The Golden Jersey Inn. And take a minute to say hi to the goats!

youngsjerseydairybarnI have told my husband so much about this place he asked me when we were going back! Soon I hope.

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