Welcoming a New Contributor: My Sister!

I’ve mentioned my sister a few times as I’ve talked about my adventures in gluten free baking.  (Check out these yummy no-fail donuts, or awesome, easy dinner)

Well, now I’m excited to share her with you because (after months of begging) she’s agreed to help with a few posts every now and then.

I’m gonna let her introduce herself, and then check back tomorrow for her share of some yummy gluten-free pumpkin biscotti.

Help me welcome my sister Steph as a new contributor to Travel Parent Eat

I am excited to share my insights I have learned from going gluten-free.  I went gluten-free 4 years ago this month! It has been a hard adjustment that I am not always the best about, but maybe sharing with all of you will help me stay straight ;).  What I have found about gluten-free cooking/baking is that everyone has their own ideas/flours of how to do it. This means you get to play more, do your own experiments and “failing” is only one way of not doing it out of millions of ways to do it!

To share a little more about me, I have always loved to cook, so when I had to go gluten-free it was terrifying and exciting to try new things.

I married my best friend 3 years ago and we have 2 beautiful children, a 2 yr old girl and a newborn son, and a dog (though he acts more like another child than he does an actual dog).

Before I met and married my hubby, I graduated from Weber State University with a B.S. in Accounting. After waiting a few more years for my hubby to come along I went to Utah State University to get my M.B.A. So yes, what can I say, I am a bean counter through and through. I loved auditing companies and then helping small businesses with their accounting, but since having two children, my days seem to be filled with things more gratifying.

I was single when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I didn’t know how to discuss being gluten-free in either a business setting or a personal (dating) setting. It was depressing.

Luckily my husband and I had met before our first date so he knew that I had funny eating habits. We went to a restaurant where I ordered a burger with no bun/wrapped in lettuce (I never like burgers till I went GF and started ordering this way). He decided to try it (totally impressed me), he didn’t really like it, but he showed he was willing to try my way! After a month of dating we introduced each other to parents, in which my dad mentioned to my mom that they needed to figure a way to make it permanent.

We decided then that why not, so 3 months later we got married. We have gotten our happily ever after so far…

I get my creativity from copying others’ ideas.  I like infusing my own vision into the ideas I find on pinterest, recipe books, and any other source of inspiration.  I love trying new recipes and techniques.

Some of my other passions include quilting, travelling, and making my family happy.

I’m excited to share my experiences with you, and learn about your challenges and experiences!

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Hi, I'm Anne! I am an active learner on this crazy road called life. I love learning about anything, but currently spend most of my study time researching parenting tips and improving health. I get excited about crafting, reading, running, baking, and spending time with my three crazy boys (in no particular order, and sometimes at the same time)! I love sharing what helps me get through the day, and I hope my tips help you!

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