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flip flop tutorial


I have these cheap flip flops that weren’t so cute, and I wanted to be able to wear them more places than just at the pool.  I’ve seen tons of cute repurposed flip flops on pinterest and thought I’d take a stab at a pair.  If you can thread a needle, you can do this craft.

supplies for flip flops


The supplies you will need include beads, of any shape, color, size.  A hand sewing needle, and some invisible thread or fishing line.  You’ll also need a pair of scissors (or your teeth, but that’s not recommended) to cut the thread, and I used a pair of pliers to help push the needle through the top strap.

Once your beads are selected, create a pattern. Make sure you have enough of the different types of beads to have symmetry, unless you don’t care if it looks the same on both sides of the strap.  I used a combination bead package I purchased years ago.  It has a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, so I just used those to create the pattern, and the green stone circles as the medallion in the middle of the strap.

To create a pattern like I used, start with a long (like 5 feet) piece of thread, thread through the needle and tie off the ends.  This creates a double strand that will have the necessary durability.  I tied a small seed bead at the end so I didn’t have to create a huge knot and the beads in the pattern wouldn’t fall off.  I used 5 round beads in different colors, threaded them once, then went back around and threaded through all five beads again to create a loop and help the beads circle.  I then threaded a larger green bead and threaded through the same direction again to help hold it tight and in place.  I continued adding 5 beads, threading through a second time, and a larger bead, threading through a second time.  I repeated the pattern until I reached the middle, then added the medallion, and repeated the pattern on the other side.bead pattern

Obviously you will need two of these bead strands.  Once they are completed, the really fun part begins!  Well, not so much fun, as a little tedious, and some muscles are required.  If your flip flops have fabric straps it would make the next step easier, and require less muscle, I was just using what I had.

You need to sew the bead strand onto the strap.  I recommend sewing over gluing for durability.  If you really don’t like sewing, go ahead and glue, but you might have to keep re-gluing throughout the summer.  The sewing isn’t as hard as just pushing the needle through the strap.  Enter: pliers, a sewer’s best friend. :-)

I started sewing in the middle to make sure everything lined up evenly.  Push the needle through the back of the strap, through the loop on the back of the medallion (because you went through twice in the same direction, there is a thread loop on the back), and wrap the thread around once more, then push it through the front of the strap on the other side of the middle.  I just attached my strand at the circles of smaller beads.  I came up from the back, looped through the circle, then pushed the needle from the front to the back.

sewing bead on flip flops

Repeat for both sides, and both flip flops.  Then you can go get a pedicure and admire your fabulous feet!

show off flip flops

It took about an hour per shoe including interruptions, distractions, etc.  I’d rather spend that hour and the $3 this pair cost, than $20 at the store. :-)

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