Travel Emergency Card

travel emergency card

Travel Emergency Card

With how often my husband and I travel, there is one thing I have found very helpful, for peace of mind, and for practical reasons: A Travel Emergency Card.

Every time you travel you should carry a travel emergency card with you. It is an index card you write some important information on. This will protect you from all kinds of things. Here is what it should contain:


  1. Passport #, issue date, issuing country, etc. A photocopy of it can be very helpful, but at the very least write down the number.
  2. Drivers license #, or other identification information.
  3. Info for any prescriptions, dosage, and prescribing physician contact.
  4. Travel insurance details and policy #
  5. Phone #’s for all credit and debit card issuers (i.e. Bank of America, WellsFargo), as well as card # in case they are lost or stolen.


Don’t put this in your purse or backpack. Instead, keep it on your person. This will be very helpful information to have on hand if you are mugged, become ill, lose your luggage, and all kinds of other scenarios. Hopefully you will never need it.

Happy Travels!

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