Trader’s Point Creamery: 30 Day Road Trip- Indianapolis, IN

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A delicious creamery and restaurant with a cheese and ice cream producing facility on site, and lovely grounds.


The last stop on our Indianapolis portion of our road trip was Trader’s Point Creamery.


Their motto is Fresh. Simple. Organic, and that is exactly what you get when you order food or ice cream at Trader’s Point.


The property is lovely, and a great place to relax and enjoy a nice afternoon. The facility offers plenty to do and see with well manicured grounds, a view into the production of the cheese and ice cream, the cows on property, with a chance to see them being milked, a full service restaurant, and a store, as well as a place to get ice cream, milkshakes, and yogurts!


We got there late afternoon, and so decided to get some ice cream, and walk the grounds, then later picked up some dinner to go. The restaurant is fancier, and so I opted to skip sitting down in there with my 4 rambunctious kids.


The ice cream was a real hit!


And the cute little cups and spoons reminded me of the gelato we got in Europe. My sister got a shake, and they asked her how thick she wanted it. And that made her very happy as she is a huge fan of a thick shake, and they can be hard to come by.


And the service was great. I loved this tip cup, and thought it was pretty funny.


You guys, you have to go there! It is so beautiful. Hanging flower baskets, gorgeous furniture, cute rustic decor, and more!

TPGuys, we loved being here!



Can you tell my boys enjoyed their treat?


I loved being able to take my kids to see the cows, and help them make that connection that the ice cream they are eating is made from milk, and the cows that produce that milk live, and are cared for right there. They got to see the cows heading back into the field after being milked.


So tour the grounds, and enjoy some ice cream, and if you want a nice night out, head up to the Loft Restaurant for some lovely dining, with cheese plates, and a view of the cheese room.


A nice selection of farm to table foods, and tons of fresh, organic, and local foods!


If you find yourself in Indianapolis, go and check it out.

glassesTPGo to to learn more about this property and what it has offer.



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