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As you know, we like to conduct an entrepreneur interview each month and share a little about the amazing entrepreneurs we’ve gotten to know.  We love sharing their inspiring stories with you, and hope to inspire you as well.  Maybe one day we’ll be interviewing you about your great ideas… :-)

This month we interviewed Amy, owner of The Printed Pastry.  She makes these gorgeous images on edible sheets that can be used on cookies, cupcakes, and cakes.  Don’t they look incredible?  She has some very creative ideas, and, well, let’s just get to the interview so you can get to know Amy a little more.

When did you start your business?
        The Printed Pastry online store officially launched in October 2013. I had really good success offering products for the Halloween season and I was really happy about how much support I had from family, friends, and my local community. Prior to that I did mostly local custom orders and special events.
How did you get started?
        I have been an entrepreneur ever since I can remember. I dabbled in various business ventures right out of high school. My first big venture was co-founding an online snowboarding & skateboarding store. This was new territory at the time and a lot of retailers were not on the web like they are now. It was an amazing experience and taught me a lot. Next I started a freelance web design business. This gave me the creative outlet I needed (and some cash flow) and allowed me to stay at home with my young family. Then one year, after lots of research, I decided to jump into the world of Edible Image Printing. At first it was just a hobby, but I always have big dreams… and The Printed Pastry was born!
Walk us through a typical day for You:
        The whole idea of being an entrepreneur is to have the freedom to set your own work hours and days off. But what you learn the hard way is owning your own business sometimes consumes you! It is a delicate balance for me to split my time as a mother, wife, and business owner. But first and foremost my family comes first. I have purposely chosen not to grow my business too fast which would otherwise put too much of a strain on my young family… but again that doesn’t mean I don’t have big plans! My business hours are usually ‘after-hours’ when kids are napping or asleep for the night. Then I’m checking email, updating the website, working on new ideas, processing orders, etc.
Where do you get your design inspiration?
        I spend a lot of time online (a caveat of running online businesses) and certain themes pop out at me. I create some of the images from scratch and some come from paid graphic designers or customer’s ideas.
Do you have licensing issues for specific images (Disney, team logos, etc.)?
        No, I don’t have specialty licensing rights. And from what I have researched there are very few Edible Image companies that do. I have third party vendors I can purchase them through if I wanted to offer them to my customers, but so far they haven’t been interested. There are a lot of companies offering them ‘under the table’ on ebay and etsy, but I’m not willing to risk my business to do that. When my customer base grows, it will be something I will start offering.
Are the products allergy free?
        Yes! All our Edible Pastry Images are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Kosher Certified and contain NO animal or nut products. THEY CONTAIN NO KNOWN ALLERGENS.
Do you bake the goodies the images are placed on? If so, where do you bake them?
        No. At the time of this interview I am not in the bakery business. I currently just sell the custom Edible Pastry Images to small bakeries and home baking enthusiasts. But I am working on launching a small catering venture for my corporate and large event customers who would prefer to have The Printed Pastry provide them with a finished product.
Do you have a favorite item?
        That is really hard! I did really fall in love with this Thanksgiving display I did for a local church group. The Edible Images I put on the cupcakes and cookies were real pictures of cornucopia fruits and fall leaves.  The images were so life like the attendees couldn’t believe they were edible. I love to create things that have ‘wow’ factor.
What sizes do the images come in?
        2″ or 3″  Rounds for cookies, cupcakes, ect.
        8″ Round Cake Images
        8″ x 10″ Rectangular Cake Images
        2″ x 3″ Business Card size images (currently through special order only)
How well do the sheets ship?  How far have you shipped them?
        I have shipped product as far as New York and Hawaii.  After a lot of trial and error we have finally mastered the best way to ship them.
What sets you apart?
        I really try an offer unique products. Anyone can go to a big box bakery and choose one of twelve images to put on a cake. I really wanted to create a store that allowed the customer to be creative and be able to customize their desserts to match the theme of their event.
Where can our readers find your shop and products? 
        We are exclusively online at
        We also post new products and coupons on our Facebook Page: ThePrintedPastry
        and on our instagram account: theprintedpastry
What advice would you offer newbies or those looking to start a bakery related business? 
        Owning a business is like having a child. It requires your full heart, time, and love. Sometimes it requires long hours, sleepless nights, and finding out not everyone likes to play nice. But it also has lots of rewarding times! If it’s not your passion, you will get bored and your business will fail.
Don’t you just love the spirit Amy shares?  She has found a way to inject her enthusiasm into this written interview.  Check back next week for our product review.  Check out her website and use the code TRAVELPARENTEAT for 20% off all orders from June 1 to June 30.  Isn’t that awesome!  I know I’ll be using some for my Father’s Day treats.
Today’s Mother’s May Highlight is Darla.
mothers may darla
Darla was nominated by her daughter, Summer Robinson.  Here’s what Summer shared about her mom.
Darla (Dolly as my kids call her) is the mother of 16 (not joking!) all single births and we are all from the same mom and dad! My little sister is 6 and is just finishing kindergarten and the oldest is 35. 8 boys and 8 girls. She is an angel! Ammon, 14, is autistic and requires most of her love and attention. She drives an hour and ten minutes every day to take him to school and then drives home only to turn around and go pick him and take him home again. A total of 4 plus hours! She loves cooking, baking, and all things crafty. She’s an amazing artist and an excellent seamstress.

She communicates with each of is daily and is our personal doctor, therapist, best friend, provider of advice and guidance and protector. She picks us up when we are down and makes sure we are all doing the things we need to do to be the best we can be! She is an amazing mother with so much love for her children. I hope one day that I can be so much like her!

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