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We just got back last week from vacation in sunny, southern California, and it made me wish for warmer weather here as well.  So I decided this week’s highlight would be the sunniest place in the US, Hawaii!

We LOVE Hawaii (all of us here at TPE)! In fact, we’ve already talked about some of the fun in Hawaii, in this post.

Here’s a few fun facts about Hawaii:

Hawaii was the last state added to the union, in 1959.

The population of Hawaii is about 1 million, and that’s just the locals, the tourists probably double that number.

Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee, and provides over 1/3 of the world’s pineapples!  Agriculture is one of Hawaii’s largest economic venues.

Learn about the best family friendly spots in Hawaii  Travel Parent Eat

Don’t get trapped into thinking Oahu is the only island to visit.  It isn’t!  There are 8 main islands, and something unique on each island.  Oahu is certainly the most popular, and thereby the most populated.  Check out all the islands before planning your trip to determine which one will fit your interests most.

It may seem pretty obvious that one of the best places to hang out with your family in Hawaii, is the beach!  There are hundreds of beaches to choose from, and this site provides a great resource to find your new favorite.  Use these tips to keep everyone safe on the beach.  The beaches can be visited all year long, that’s part of the beauty of Hawaii.  Some beaches are privately owned, and some you will pay a fee to visit (like Hanuama Bay), so do a little research to determine what beaches are best to visit.

The best surfing contests are in January and February, and along the North Coast on the island of Oahu.

Beach Baby

There are also some great historical sites to visit in Hawaii like the USS Missouri and USS Arizona Memorials.  These are the memorials for the people killed in the attacks on Pearl Harbor.  There is a fee to enter these sites, and they close a little early, so you want to make sure you check out times and dates before venturing that way.  Check out their site for more information.

Don't spend all your time visiting the beaches in Hawaii, hit some of the historical monuments as well. Travel Parent Eat

On the island of Hawaii, in the city of Laie, there is an attraction called The Polynesian Cultural Center.  I went there with my family several years ago at the recommendations of many friends and family.  It is a very popular site, but also quite expensive.  You can find current pricing information from their website.

Plan for a full day to visit because there is a lot to see.  They have “villages” to represent each of the countries that make up Polynesia.  You can learn about each of these different cultures, take a canoe tour, and at night they have a luau and fire dancing show.  There is a lot to do, but may not be entertaining for the very young.

You may enjoy a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center with your family on your trip to Hawaii.  Travel Parent Eat

There are also great hiking trails on all the islands.  Visit Diamond Head National Park on the island of Hawaii.  Or go see the flowing lava on the Big Island volcano, Kilauea.  Most of the islands in Hawaii were formed by volcanic eruptions, so you can’t go to Hawaii without seeing at least one volcano!

Big Island Before the Lava TubeThere is also great street life in Honolulu (Hawaii’s capital).  You won’t want to miss at least one night walking down some of the main streets in Hawaii to get a feel for the modern culture there.

Spend at least one night enjoying the local culture on the streets in Honolulu.  Travel Parent Eat

There’s a reason people call Hawaii paradise.  The temperatures stay moderate all year long.  The beaches are beautiful, and the ocean is perfect for swimming.  There are activities for all ages, and all interests.

What is your favorite place to visit in Hawaii?  Have you seen all the different islands?  What island is your favorite to visit?

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