Road Trip Ready Car Organizing

Having been on my fair share of road trips, most of them where I was the only adult and driver, and the rest of the travelers were my kids, I have learned a few things about getting the car ready for the road. Here are my go-to tips and suggestions for Road Trip Ready Car Organizing:

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Get the Car Ready

Getting the car road trip ready takes a little planning and organizing, but investing a little time upfront will save you hassle, frustration, and mess later.

Clean it out

Starting your trip out with a clean car is the best plan, you will know where everything is, and not be contending with existing crumbs and garbage, or hauling excess stuff.

Tune it up

Get the oil changed, check/rotate the tires, and make sure your car is road worthy and ready.

Have a plan

Plan your route, know your basic time frame, where you will stay, what you want to do, expected expenses, where to fuel up, etc. A good plan that you deviate from is better than no plan at all. After planning your route, screen shot your directions just in case you lose Wi-Fi.

Use services like Fuel My Route and Gas Calculators to estimate your fuel expenses and find the cheapest places to gas up.

What to pack

Emergency kit

Include flash lights, Road Side Service phone #, water, snacks, flares, and something to keep kids occupied. You never know how long you will be stuck on the side of the road waiting for a repair.


An essential to any road trip. Healthy or not is up to you, but don’t hit the road without a few snacks!


The journey is part of the fun, but long hours in the car can be tedious, especially when traveling with kids, so don’t forget to pack some fun new things for them to play with, some movies, a great road trip playlist, silly games, or whatever will keep you entertained.

Your stuff

We pack essentials like undies, socks, pjs, toothbrushes etc. but we also take along things like sand toys, and hiking shoes for those unplanned adventures. Head lamps are fun for night time hikes. Sidewalk chalk can keep kids entertained at a rest stop.

Keep The Car Clean

Trash can

Cereal container trash cans are the best. They keep the trash contained, and are easy to swap out at stops. No spills, no smells, no problems.

Dryer sheet air fresheners

Even if you start out smelling great, the car can get really stinky a few days in, keep it fresh with dryer sheets.

Regular clean outs

Make a habit of doing a quick scan of the car and emptying trash at each stop along the way.

Wet wipes

Keep them on hand, they are great for cleaning up messes, wiping sticky hands, and cleaning up disasters along the way.

Other Tips

Make it easy to access the things you will need every night and cut down on the loading and unloading time. Do you really want to spend half your trip hauling things to and from your car? Didn’t think so.

Fill an Adventure Ready Car Organizer for quick grab and go options. This is great for snacks, and items like diapers, wipes, sunscreen, bug spray, a mini first-aid kit, and other items you use regularly. They also make a great storage place for chargers, toys, and other things you want to keep up off seats and car floors.

Check out these 29 Simple Road Trip Hacks found on Buzz Feed.


Enjoy that road trip!



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