Road Trip Binders

With my house flooded, and all 6 of us in 2 bedrooms, I decided to take my kids on a road trip from now until school starts back up. We haven’t taken the time to see much of the National Monuments and things in driving distance from our house, so we are visiting Mt. Rushmore, 4 Corners, The Grand Canyon, as well as seeing some stuff in Colorado and New Mexico.

In total, this road trip is about 2,300 miles, and includes plenty of stops, but also a great deal of time in the car. So I need everything in my arsenal to keep the kids occupied and happy for the drive time. Did I mention I will be the only adult on this trip?

Beyond the obvious things like iPads, movies, snacks, and games like “I Spy” I created each of the kids a Road Trip Binder. They were easy to make and educational as well as fun for entertaining. Every kid is different, so each binder was a little different, but these are what I generally included:

Pencil Carrier

1 pouch to hold markers, pencils, and coloring tools.

Road Trip Bingo

I found these with a Pinterest search. This one is provided by The Frugal Girls, and it is so cute!

Image Source: The Frugal Girls

And these 2 are from The Organised Housewife. My kids loved them the second they saw them.

Image Source: The Organised Housewife

A map of our route

Road Trip Map Tracker

I included all of our planned stops, and highlighters so they could track where we are.

Fun Facts About Each Destination

Just one page of kid-friendly facts about what we are seeing and doing along the way. I will share these when I share posts about each leg of our journey!


I included a couple grade specific workbook problem sheets to help keep them sharp. They are going back to school very soon, so I figured it would be good for them to brush up a bit.

Fun Craft Stuff

Stickers, Pipe cleaners, Foam pieces. Just a couple things to inspire creativity.


Paper dolls/lace up cards/Popsicle stick puzzles: Things that use the hands and are fun.

A Notebook

They can use these to color and have fun, play the games, and write about what we are going to be seeing. The notebook gives them a chance to record what they liked, and journal their adventures and experiences.


I used my vinyl cutter to put their names on the front, and that was it! Easy as can be, but a great asset on our educational road trip!


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