Rhythm! Discovery Center – 30 Day Road Trip: Indianapolis, IN

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Rhythm! Discovery Center is THE place to be for fun, music, percussions, and more! 


In case you missed it, I took my kids on a 30 day road trip around the US, and one of our stops was Indianapolis, IN. You can read all about our 30 Day Road Trip here.

While we were in Indianapolis we got to visit the Rhythm! Discovery Center. It is an extension of the Percussion Arts Society, and to sum it up, it is a museum of drums! And oh boy is it ever fun!  It is interactive, it is educational, it is extensive, and LOUD!


My kids like music, but as neither my husband nor myself have much musical talent or history, I was not certain how well they would like this museum, but it sounded like a lot of fun, so we checked it out.

And I am SO glad we did. It was unlike anything I have ever done before. In the museum there are displays, histories, memorabilia, and more. But then there are TONS of interactive stations where kids can play percussions. They have a circle of tribal drums. They have a recording studio. They have huge gongs, and cymbols, and a wide variety of drumsticks!

Basically if you have ever wanted to try any kind of percussion, this is the place to be.

As you can see my kids had a blast!


They loved the technology, and the music!


I had my teenage sister with me, and she even had fun, but I think the person who enjoyed it the very most from our group was my 2 year old. As you can see, she takes her drumming very seriously. The girl was a rock star, and had to try every single option out, multiple times! I basically had to drag her out of there.


My boys enjoyed themselves too, and I loved seeing them work together to create music.

One of their favorite features was the recording studio. They could play the various percussions in the studio, record while they played, and then listen to it play back. It was totally awesome, and sparked an interest I did not know my kids had!


In addition to the fun, there was quite a bit of education involved as well. The museum had employees that gave presentations about various aspects. And there was a room full of different instruments the kids could pick up and play. From triangles and cow bells to a xylophone, and of course lots of drums.

Each area had questions and challenges for the kids, such as “Try playing this drum with sticks made from different materials. How do they sound? What makes them sound different?” Of course, it was so much fun my kids didn’t even realize they were learning something.

rhythm center

If you are in downtown Indianapolis, and find yourself stopping at the Panera on Washington for lunch, head down the escalator and spend an hour or two at Rhythm! Discovery Center and get your groove on. It has fun for all ages!

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