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Our good childhood friend Hayley and her husband Nat are trying to adopt their nephews from Haiti. Please read their story and help if you can. They are the best people. Every little bit counts. And PLEASE share their story! Thank you to all of our amazing readers. We appreciate you more than you know!

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From Hayley

Our family goal: be together.

Every year for the past 3 years it has been our goal to get our boys here. The year we will get them here.

First of all, this is hard for us to put this out there. It’s a complicated issue. It’s so hard to answer the question of, “when are you getting your boys?” because the answer has always been so uncertain and out of our control.

We’ve tried every angle, but for some reason or another it just hasn’t worked out so far.

But there is still hope. Actually, a door has just been opened for us. Laws have been changed and a plan is in motion.

Although there are still roadblocks, we are still pushing and holding on to the hope of being with our boys very soon.

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For those of you who don’t know, this is what has been going on:

About 3 years ago when we were living in Haiti, one of Nat’s sisters called us and told us that she was not able to care for her two small boys and that she was going to drop them off at an orphanage. We told her not to do that, and although unprepared, immediately decided to take the boys as our own. When we picked them up we saw that they were in desperate need of food, care and love. We instantly bonded. Instantly they became as close to us as if they had been born to us. (We have been struggling with infertility, but we know that this was the way God intended for us to have our children.They are our boys.)

We worked with a lawyer in Haiti to try to adopt them there, but he was not very honest and ended up just taking a lot of our money.

A few months later we realized that we could not financially survive in Haiti, and we knew that in order to adopt the boys we would need to be stable. It was so hard, but we decided to move to the States, where Nat joined the Army.

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We rented a house for most of Nat’s brothers and sisters to live in and to take care of our boys for us intil we could get them to the states. We visit them as often as possible.

We didn’t really have a clue where to start. We looked for an adoption attorney that would help us in our case, but they informed us that thay could not help us because we did not meet the requirements set by the laws in Haiti. It was required that you be over 35 years old and married for 10 years.

So, we went to plan C, which was to get the boys passports, hope that they aprove a visitor’s visa and adopt them when they get here. Which was not how we wanted to do things, but we were desperate. Things being how they are in Haiti it took a very long time to even get them birth certificates.

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Luckily, we did not have to go that route because not more than a few months ago the law in Haiti changed. We met the requirements this time! We found an awesome agency that is helping us adopt our boys.

Like I said, a door has been opened for us, and this is the one that is going to work. We have started the process of adoption, but have hit a big roadblock; money. It is super expensive to adopt. We are doing all we can and have faith that we will be able to be together as a family by the end of this year.

Please help us make this hapen. Please suport us by making a donation and sharing this message with your own friends and family. Please pray for our family to be together this year. With God’s help and yours we can do it.

Adopt our boys

Thank you for taking this journey with us and supporting us. We love and appreciate you all so much!

Love, Hayley & Nat

PLEASE help our friends bring their family together. Every cent helps! You can donate to their adoption fund here:

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