Nurturing Creative Outdoor Play

Nurturing creative outdoor play

Here are a few simple ways to nurture creative outdoor play:

  • Use “natural” toys: While there are many ways to bring added fun to outdoor play, don’t discount the fun that can be found with things already found in nature. Rocks, sticks, dirt, leaves, flowers. They all make great tools for creative play.

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  • Encourage curiosity: Let them explore, let babies put things in their mouths, let toddlers climb on rocks even if you are afraid of scraped knees. Curiosity and exploration fuel creativity.

play together

  • Participate as a family: Lead by example, play together, and your kids will be more inclined. My kids are never “bored” or wanting to go inside to turn on the Wii or the iPad when I am outside playing right along side of them.

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  • Take time to explore: The outdoors has a lot to offer, but until you explore it you will never know. Take time. This past summer, we did some rock climbing, hiking, and fishing, but my kids favorite parts were the off the trails excursions to gather up rocks and leaves.

Outdoor creativity and fun


  • Play outside regularly: Spending time outdoors in play here and there is not going to foster or nurture creativity. Even 30 minutes a day can get their creative juices flowing.

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  • Make it fun: Kids prefer video games because they are fun. If you want to nurture creative outdoor play, it helps to give some exciting options.


You have the power to nurture creative outdoor play, but it starts with turning off the electronics, and putting on the shoes. Head outside and enjoy whatever it has to offer. Hike, bike, fish, treasure hunt, climb trees, jump in puddles. The possibilities are endless. But you can’t take advantage of any of them if you don’t go outside.


What do you do to nurture creative outdoor play?



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3 Responses to Nurturing Creative Outdoor Play

  1. Marwa Farouq (@marwa_farouq) March 25, 2014 at 11:47 am #

    I love the pictures, they are really adorable! and i really can not wait till we start spending time outdoors again. It is such a beautiful time for the whole family and on top of everything it really brings us all together. These are some really fun ideas too. thanks!
    Passing by from the turn it up link up
    Marwa @

    • Rachael April 2, 2014 at 9:42 am #

      Thanks,I totally agree. We love our family time outdoors. Thank you for stopping by, and here is hoping for outdoor weather soon.


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