Natural Homemade Baby Wipes


Welcome to the second in the natural cleaning series! We’re glad you came back! Making your own natural homemade baby wipes is one of the easiest ways to implement natural products into your home. Here are 4 reasons to make your own baby wipes:

1. Safer for you and your baby
Baby wipes are one of the personal care products we use most in our homes. Even more than cleaning products and each time you wipe your baby’s bottom or your toddler’s hands or nose you are applying the ingredients in the wipe onto their delicate skin. Like all things used for baby or yourself, you should check out the ingredients in your wipes. Most popular brand wipes contain parabens, phthalates for fragrance, PEG’s, propylene glycol, phenoxythanol, and other various chemicals. I don’t really want all that on my baby! Plus the wipes can be contaminated during manufacturing with things such as formaldehyde dioxane….carcinogens…not cool!

2. More cost effective
I’ve broken down the cost of homemade baby wipes vs. conventional baby wipes.
1/2 roll Viva paper towels: $0.72
5 drops Lavender Essential Oil: $0.45
5 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil: $0.40
2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil: $0.15
TOTAL: $1.73 for 66 wipes!
Cost of using safe, natural baby wipes on your baby: PRICELESS!
If you really want to get into the nitty gritty, the cost per wipe is $0.026. Just over 2 1/2 cents a wipe. Most conventional wipes cost about 3-4 cents per wipe. So you’re getting a pretty good deal.

3. Better for the Environment
The chlorine process in creating traditional baby wipes is bad for the environment. And we all love the environment and our babies.


4. They smell fabulous and use Essential Oils that are beneficial for baby’s skin
Lavender oil has many uses: relaxation, soothing bug bites and helping eczema, just to name a few. It is a really great oil for all things skin related.
Melaleuca, also known as Tea Tree Oil is also a great oil for the skin. It is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. So while the Lavender soothes baby’s skin, Melaleuca prevents your baby from getting viral, bacterial or fungal rashes on their bottoms. Coconut Oil is very moisturizing and great for the skin. The combination of these three oils are great for baby wipes and they SMELL AMAZING! If you want to learn more about essential oils go here.

Now that I’ve convinced you that it’s worth the time and effort to make your own wipes, let’s get down to business! Here’s what you’ll need:

1 roll Viva Paper Towels (Be sure you don’t get the “choose a size” kind, your wipes will end up too small)
5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
5 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil
2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
2 cups warm water (warm enough to melt coconut oil)
A container wide enough and tall enough to hold 1/2 roll of papertowels (I got mine at Target for $10)

Here’s what to do:
Cut your paper towel roll in half with a serrated knife like a bread knife. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Remove the inner cardboard roll. Place paper towel roll in your container. Mix all 3 oils in a large cup or bowl. Pour 2 cups warm water into your oil mixture. Mix together. Pour over paper towels. Cover and let sit for a few minutes until the paper towels soak up all the liquid. That’s it! You’re finished! These really smell heavenly and I love making them and knowing that I’m doing something good to protect my baby. And saving money doesn’t hurt either!


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