Mother’s May Winners!

mother's may winners


Thanks to everyone that nominated the fabulous women in your lives!  We have loved hosting this Mother’s May month and sharing about what makes women truly wonderful.  We hope you were inspired and found some ways to improve, or give yourself a break.

The winners of the fabulous prize package from all our contributors are Nicole Holt and Jill Parker.  Nicole nominated Jill, and Jill was highlighted after the 5 Mom Hacks post.  Check out her highlight, and the rest of the wonderful women that were highlighted this month.

Keep checking back each month, many of the contributors to this giveaway will be doing separate giveaways coming up, including The Printed Pastry in the coming weeks.  Here’s the entrepreneur interview we conducted with The Printed Pastry.

About Anne Banks

Hi, I'm Anne! I am an active learner on this crazy road called life. I love learning about anything, but currently spend most of my study time researching parenting tips and improving health. I get excited about crafting, reading, running, baking, and spending time with my three crazy boys (in no particular order, and sometimes at the same time)! I love sharing what helps me get through the day, and I hope my tips help you!

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