Mother’s May Nominations

Mother's May

Here at Travel Parent Eat, we recognize we wouldn’t be here without some special moms in our lives.  We have been influenced by those around us and want to take the time to appreciate all those wonderful women who have helped shape us into the wonderful people we are today.

Beginning on May 1, and everyday (Monday through Friday) throughout May, we will be highlighting a special mom in YOUR life.  In order to do so, we need to get to know these moms.

We have created a form for you to nominate a mom of your choice, some one you think is deserving of a special gift.  At the end of the month, we will be picking (at random) one of the nominated moms for a special giveaway from some of our friends in the blog world and some of our favorite shops.  We promise you will love it!

This is a great opportunity to share some love and receive some love for yourself!  You do not have to be a female to nominate a mom.  It doesn’t have to be your mom, it can be a sister, friend, neighbor, co-worker, you get the idea.

Enter with this form:

[Form id=”10″]

If you would like extra entries for yourself and the woman you nominate, please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.   Use #mothersmay and tag us. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram  and sign-up for our e-mail notifications.  Each action will result in an extra entry.

Leave a comment to let us know how you entered! Or to brag about the mom you nominated. We love to hear from you.

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Hi, I'm Anne! I am an active learner on this crazy road called life. I love learning about anything, but currently spend most of my study time researching parenting tips and improving health. I get excited about crafting, reading, running, baking, and spending time with my three crazy boys (in no particular order, and sometimes at the same time)! I love sharing what helps me get through the day, and I hope my tips help you!

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