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Yay! More FREE downloads from us to you! We’re just in the giving mood! We are doing a giveaway on Friday, so come check that out! Did you get a chance to read our Holiday Gift Guide from Monday? One of my favorite suggestions was to make a coupon book for your kids. I actually did this with my kids last year and they loved it. Their coupons included things like pick dinner, pick dessert, pick a movie, date night with mommy, date night with daddy, manicure (by mommy), and the like. They really got a kick out of it and it cost me next to nothing! I’ve created a little printable sheet that you can download, print and cut into your own coupons.

Christmas Coupons
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You can staple or tie them together or leave them loose and put them in a little box or a new wallet. Whatever you like. You can print on card stock or regular paper. These can be as fancy or as simple as you like! Please refer back to our Holiday Gift Guide for more suggestions on what to put on your coupons. We hope you enjoy these. Feel free to share! What would your kids like coupons for? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook.

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