May Mom and Me Craft Pack

May craft pack

You may or may not have seen our post about all of the things we have going in May, but one of the things we are most excited about are these awesome craft packs we are going to start offering.

One thing kids love is time spent with mom (or dad), and I know it can get tedious to come up with new ways to keep everyone entertained. We will be offering a new pack each month that includes 4 different crafts, which in theory means you can do one per week during the month. Each kit will include enough materials for 2 kids to complete the craft.

We want to keep them affordable, fun, and kid friendly, these are not going to be crafts that mom has to do while the kids hang out.

Here’s what is in this month’s craft pack:

super hero peg dolls

1. Super Hero Peg Dolls

Trust me when I say your boys (and girls) will love these. My kids could not wait for me to take some pictures so they could play with them. Even my 9 year old. It was agony for them. And, what a blast putting them together can be. The kit will include everything you need except paint and glue. It will include 4 dolls (2 boy, 2 girl silhouettes), the super hero logos, and the capes. You can then paint or color them how you want and assemble together. Then play! This will provide hours of fun for your little ones.

story glove

2. The Three Little Pigs Story Glove

This story glove is probably my kid’s favorite of the 4 crafts because they can’t get enough story telling at bedtime. I think it might just be a stalling tactic. Either way, it was a huge hit, even with my 1 year old. She laughed and giggled and was enthralled by the mini characters on my hand. My 9 year old loved wearing it and telling his version of The Three Little Pigs. Kit includes everything you need (patterns printed on felt for each piece and the glove)except glue. Makes 1 story glove that can be put together as a group.

pin wheels

3. Pin Wheels

The weather is getting warmer, and what says summer better? These pin wheels are sturdy, simple, and oh so fun. My kids had a blast seeing who could blow hard enough to spin theirs the fastest! Comes with everything you need but glue. Makes 4 pin wheels.

treasure totes

4. Personalized Treasure Tote

These personalized totes are fun and easy to make, and the perfect bag for collecting treasures this summer, whether it is shells at the beach, or rocks and twigs during a nature hike. Includes everything you need but glue. And, you can drop us a line letting us know what personalization you want (a word, color, etc.) and we will do our best to meet it. Makes 2 totes.


You can get all of this for just $15 and $5 flat rate shipping fee. We have a very limited quantity (only 10) and will be selling them on Instagram (@travel_parent_eat) at 10 am MST, first 10 to leave email for paypal invoice will get them.

If you miss out, don’t worry, we are offering a free mom and me craft pack as part of our Mother’s May giveaway, so nominate a mom and you might be able to win.

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