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Earrings Tutorial


As part of our Mother’s May, we have wanted to share some fun ideas that are just for all the wonderful moms.  Today’s craft is a tutorial on making some cute, fun earrings.  Craft time by yourself, for you!

I asked my friend Christina Bartschi (an amazing jewelry creator) to take us through the steps of making earrings you can wear everyday and feel as beautiful outside as you are inside.

These earrings don’t require many special tools (raid your hubby’s tool chest for the right pliers), go buy your favorite colored beads (any size, color, metal), and the fishhook backs.  I’ll let Christina take you through the rest.

earring materials

The first step is to gather the supplies: round nose pliers, fish hook backs, and headpins.  You’ll also need the beads you want.

Some tips for picking the right colors: pick colors that are the opposite of your hair color.  If you have dark hair, choose light colored beads.  If you have light hair, pick darker beads.  Bold colors are better.  Don’t pick colors that match the outfit perfectly, go with a complimentary color.

Choose beads that are slightly different sizes or shapes, pick up a pack of small metal beads to act as spacers between the colored beads.

Think about ombre layering for colors.

Determine how you want the earrings to look on you, do you like longer earrings?  Do you like clusters?  Place the beads on the headpin with the head at the bottom, add the beads leaving some wire exposed.

step 2 earrings

Using your fingers, bend the wire right at the top of the beads.  Cut off just enough that there is only a half-inch wire remaining.

step 3 and 4 earrings


Using the wires, create a loop in the remaining wire at the top of the bead.  Place the loop inside the loop at the bottom of the fish hook earrings.

step 5 earrings

Close the loops and model your latest fashion creation.

finished earrings


Doesn’t she make it sound easy?  As you can see from the first picture, you can make these earrings in any style, any color, just have fun with it.  Yes, Christina has made all those earrings from the first picture, plus about a thousand more!  She has a facebook page where you can see more of her creations,


And for today’s Mom Highlight: Katie, Nominated by Amber Bowers


Picture 23Katie Trent and her husband, Jason adopted their beautiful daughter, Olivia a little over a year ago. They have spent every day since then enjoying her warm smile and infectious spirit. The family resides in a small town in Illinois and loves spending time outdoors with family & friends.

This is what her nomination read: “I would like to nominate my beautiful friend, Katie! @k80trent Her motherhood journey began when she was in high school and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Although she wanted nothing more than to spend her life with her son, she made the most unselfish decision and gave another woman the gift of motherhood through adoption. Many years later, Katie and her husband were told that they could not conceive children…but that did not stop her. A little over a year ago, she adopted her beautiful baby girl!! She learned the true meaning of unconditional love in high school and has kept it in her heart for all of these years. Every hug, kiss and smile is not only a reflection of her love for her daughter but is a reminder of her love for her son too!


Isn’t that beautiful? Let’s send this momma some love!


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