Losing Weight With Water

I received a sample of Essentia Water in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own.

essentia water review losing weight

How are your New Years’ Resolutions going?  Still holding strong?  Hopefully today’s post will help with them.  It’s an easy one to keep actually.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine.  I am able to lose more weight when I drink lots of water.

A few months ago I mentioned the importance of maintaining proper hydration levels.  This is especially true when you are trying to lose weight.

I’ve heard a few people say they don’t want to drink a lot of water because it will make them gain weight, they will retain the “water weight.”  Actually, just the opposite is true.  When you drink more water, your body flushes the water faster, and it flushes toxins as well.

You should be drinking at least half your body weight in ounces every day.  If a person weighed 150 pounds, they should drink 75 ounces of water.  That might seem like a lot of water, but it adds up very quickly.

I usually drink about 30 ounces with each meal, and I have about 16 ounces in between each meal.  That’s more than half my body weight in ounces, but I love drinking water, and drinking more water tricks my stomach into feeling fuller.  If I feel a craving coming on, I drink about 16 ounces of water first, then wait a couple of minutes to see if my craving has dissipated.  Most of the time it has.  When I’ve had my allotted serving at dinner, but still feel a little hungry, I’ll drink a glass of water and that usually makes me feel more full.

I want to make a little clarification here about the type of water to drink.  I know a few people that drink a lot of carbonated water.  In fact, that’s mainly the type of water they drink.  Carbonated, or sparkling, water is better than no water, but no carbonation beats carbonation every time.  Your body can do funny things with extra carbonation, but that’s another topic for another day.

There are a lot of water choices available, which ones are the best?  Like I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago, I had my eyes opened when I watched the documentary, Fed Up.  I knew before that everything had sugar, but I really started doing the math, and paying closer attention to the food I was eating.  The same holds true for the drinks I consume.

essentia water review types of water

I made a quick trip to the grocery store and found over 6 different types of water.  Not just 6 different brands of water, there are more like 50 brands of water, but 6 types of water.

Sparkling Ice has carbonation, plus artificial sweeteners for taste.  Both ingredients aren’t great for your body.

Gatorade or Powerade have either sugar or artificial sweeteners depending on if you get the “Zero” variety.  Yes, there are electrolytes in Gatorade or Powerade, but there are healthier ways to get electrolytes.  I really only drink these sports drinks while I am playing sports, ie., running a marathon.

Coconut water.  I like coconut water, it has electrolytes, it has natural sugars (as long as you check the ingredients and there aren’t added sugars), it also has the great vitamins and minerals that coconuts contain.  But, you can’t drink 100 ounces of coconut water or you would never leave the bathroom.  I add a little coconut water to my morning smoothie, and about 1/4 cup to 20 ounces in my water bottle.

Propel water just doesn’t taste very good, in my opinion.  It has similar issues with Gatorade or Powerade, artificial sweeteners, with a lot of aftertaste.

Vitamin Water.  These drinks just make me laugh.  There are some vitamins added, yes, but water?  Not much.  There is a lot of sugar in these drinks.  They are tasty, and I drink them when I am pregnant, because I can’t drink plain water while pregnant, but the sodium content can be very high, depending on the flavor you buy.  Not really a healthy drink, but tasty.

essentia water review

A new water has recently come out on the market, pH balanced water.  Have you heard that adding lemon to your water will balance the pH levels in your body?  It’s true, but not everyone enjoys lemon in their water.  Instead, companies are now adding specific minerals and vitamins to provide a higher pH level in the water.

I recently received a sample of Essentia Water to review.  The shipment arrived the day we got home from Disneyland.  You know you can’t eat super healthy while you’re at Disneyland, and I always feel a little bloated and/or sluggish after flying and traveling for any specific time.  It was so nice to see the box full of Essentia Water when we got home.

I just started a weight loss challenge, and yes, I was trying to be careful about what I ate while we were in Disneyland, but for all the reasons I just mentioned, I gained about 3 pounds while we were gone.  I received 2 50 oz bottles, 2 33 oz bottles, and 2 16 oz bottles.  I drank one of the 50 oz bottles, and one of the 33 oz bottles within 8 hours of being home.  The next day I drank the rest of the Essentia water, plus a little more from my fridge after I ran out.  I lost 4 pounds in 3 days.  I know some of that can be attributed to a better diet once I got home, and more strenuous exercise, but I know part of that weight loss was from the water.  I felt cleaner inside and out after drinking the Essentia Water.  I knew my body was getting rid of the excess toxins from the food and traveling.  It was nice!

The Essentia Water tastes great too!  I was a little nervous there would be an aftertaste with all the added minerals, and pH level of 9.5.  There was absolutely no aftertaste.  The Essentia Water tastes better than my fridge filtered water.  I even offered some to my mother-in-law (they traveled with us), and she loved the taste of the water, she usually has to add some flavoring to her water.

So, here’s the summary of all this information.  Drink lots of water if you are trying to lose weight, or if you just want to feel healthier.  And try some pH balanced water to see if that doesn’t help curb your cravings, and improve your mood.

I’ve got a few more health tips I’ll be posting in the next few weeks, so keep checking back!

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