Lil Tots Spot–Entrepreneur Interview

lil tots spot

Today we are lucky to highlight Lil Tots Spot.  This is a fun, homemade site that offers adorable baby products and cute, fashionable headbands for little girls.  The products are quality products with adorable fabrics, and she is continuing to add to the inventory of products available.

lil tots spot car seat cover

Let’s peek behind the scenes of Lil Tots Spot:

When did you start your business?

Jan 2014 ( 8 months ago)

How did you get started?

I have always enjoyed sewing, especially cute baby items. I am also a very active person who always has to have many thing going on at once. My youngest son left on a mission for 2 years and I need more to do!

Walk us through a typical day for You:

I get up early (6:00am). I check email and any new deals that I have running on flash web site sales ( and gropdealz). Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I go to my other job by 7:30 to teach fitness classes for 2 hours.  If I’m not teaching I will get up and go on a 5 mile walk.  When I get done exercising I will shower and get ready for the day.  Then I will head into my sewing room and stay there most of the day.  Sometimes it is all day and into the evening. I do 95% of all my sales on flash web site sales, so in three days I can sell up to 300 items.  I always know what I’m selling and how many, but I don’t start sewing the items until they start selling. I usually have 2 weeks to ship the items, which most of the time I need every minute of. While I’m sewing I am always checking emails, online shopping for more fabric, and trying to promote my product with social networking.

lil tots spot diaper clutch

Where do you get your design inspiration?

When I had my first grandchild a little over 2 years ago I wanted to be that kind of grandma that could sew fun, practical items for my daughters and for my grandchildren. I’m always looking online for new ideas and new fun fabric.

Do you have a favorite item?

lil tots spot assorted headbands

My jersey knit headbands are my favorite. I love them because my cute, little granddaughter has long hair and loves to wear them. She does look so cute when she wears them.

lil tots spot headbands

What sizes do the products come in?

All my products are one size fits all. Or one size fits what it is specifically made for.

What sets you apart?

I make things that all babies and young girls can use. Plus my items are less expensive and I offer many different styles to choose from.

lil tots spot diaper pouch

Where can our readers find your shop and products? I also have a Facebook page, Lil Tots Spot and I’m on Instagram #liltotsspot. I am also featured 2-3 times a month on and groopdealz.

What advice would you offer newbies or those looking to start a sewing related business?

You have to be will to work hard. Be committed ! Don’t give up just because you’re frustrated or tired. I’m tired and sore and ready to pull my hair out many days.. But the reward I feel when I have accomplished sewing 273 diaper wraps, packaging and shipping them off is awesome! (that’s what I just finished today)!

lil tots spot bibslil tots spot boy bibs


Check back in the next couple of weeks as we continue to highlight Lil Tots Spot and introduce a giveaway!  I sure know a lot of babies being born in the next few months that I will be buying presents for…

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