Kool-Aid Playdough

kool-aid Playdough


Looking for something to keep kids occupied?

Well you found it! This recipe is easy, and the playdough smells awesome. I mean, of course it does, it is colored and scented with Kool-Aid.

playdough kool aid

My daughter made some with a friend during a play date. Then she brought it home, and the kids played with it for hours using cookie cutters, etc. Only problem is when it was time to clean up, they didn’t. And the little sister got ahold of it, and some water, and played on the carpet, and made a HUGE mess, and stained the carpet, and I got really mad. And I threw it all away!

I am such a mean mom.

Of course this was devastating to my daughter. I mean, I threw away her hard made creation. Right?

So I did a Pinterest search, found a recipe, and we made some more.


We made the recipe found at the 36th Avenue, who btw has way better pictures than I do. But hey, a girl shares when she can.

I endorse her recipe. It is fun, it is easy, and it smells great. So if you find yourself bored, frustrated, or at the end of your rope with your kids this summer, make some of this fun play dough. Just be sure to keep it off the carpet!



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