Healthy Valentine’s Day Tags

Hi guys, I know some of you are following along with our 14 Days of Love Project, and I am so glad. But I found that I am not really loving adding extra sugar to my kid’s diets. Probably because they already get too many treats as it is. I also know many of you are more health conscious than I am. So I made some tags that are a little healthier! Here are ten easy options for a healthier “treat” to share your Valentine’s Day love with your family.

1. Apples.

You are the apple of my eye2. Strawberries

I love you Berry much

3. Corn nuts or an ear of corn!

It might be corny but I love you4. Water bottle

water you doing? Be my valentine5. Nuts

im nuts for you6. Bananas

i'm bananas for you.7. A CD or Song Download

You make my heart sing

8. Chapstick

make my heart chappy

9. Ball

hanging with you is a ball

10. Crab Dinner

don't be crabby, i love you

If you are following along with our 14 Days of Love project, we would love to see your heart attacks, love treats, or dinner, so post on Instagram with #TPEV-DAY


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