Halloween Candy: The Tummy Ache Debate

It’s that time of year again. Halloween!

My kids get so excited about costumes, decorating, fun food and trick or treating. It is undeniably their favorite Holiday. Me on the other hand, I see it as a time of stress and junk food! Attempting to scrape together cute and creative Halloween costumes on a budget, the pressure to decorate the house and the inevitable tummy aches that come from TOO MUCH CANDY! Without fail, I have at least 1 sick kid on Halloween night or the day after, thus the inevitable dread that accompanies the end of October.

However…I DO allow this to happen every year.

This year I’ve taken a slightly different view to the too-much-candy-holiday. We eat healthy in our home almost every other day of the year. Letting my kids make themselves sick on sugar and processed foods at least once a year might actually benefit them. Usually, after losing vast amounts of the previous hour’s loot, the poor sugar-induced-victim usually says something like “I’m never eating candy again” or “I ate too much candy.” I’m actually impressed at my kids’ ability to recognize the connection between the junk and how they are feeling.

So, each year I warn my children about how the candy might make them sick, but I let them eat away as much as they want. I’ve noticed the older ones have clued in to this fact more then the younger ones. But they will soon learn!

Also, to help other parents with this situation, this year I started passing out Pirate’s Booty and Annie’s Organic Bunny Grahams. Not necessarily health food, but a fun alternative to sugar on a stick I guess.

What are your thoughts on Halloween candy? Do you limit your children’s intake? Throw most of it away? Eat it yourself ( I may be guilty of this every once in a while)? Disallow trick or treating of any sort? What do you pass out for Halloween when the kids come a knocking?

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