Gluten-Free Donut Recipe Fail!

Doesn’t that donut look yummy?  The title of the recipe from is Gluten-Free Donut Recipe: Yeast Risen.  Today is my younger sister’s birthday, she’s pregnant, and has celiac.  I asked what I could make her for her birthday treat because she can’t just go to the local anything (really) and get a yummy treat, she makes most of what she eats.  She requested a yeast donut.  I was more than happy to oblige until my first attempt didn’t rise.

From everything I have read, and the gluten-free recipes I have tried, it should be fairly simple to swap out the regular flour for an all-purpose gluten-free flour blend, and add a little more moisture.  It didn’t work with my first attempt, but I chalked that up to user error.  I tried again, this morning with the same recipe, but making sure the milk was the right temperature, and the yeast had plenty of time to proof.

second attempt gluten free donuts

The second attempt didn’t rise either, so I called my mom and asked what I was doing wrong.  She suggested I try just baking the dough because gluten-free flours don’t always require time to rise.  I pulled out my mini donut electric baker and cooked up a couple of batches.  They were edible, but not the soft, fluffy yeast donut I was going for.  I threw out the rest of that batch and decided to try a new recipe.

I came across the recipe I linked to at the beginning of this post.  I followed the instructions to a T and this was the result.

third attempt gluten free donuts

They didn’t rise, I tried warming them more (just ended up starting to bake them), decided to fry them to see if that would help.  What do you think? Not exactly what the original picture looks like, right?

Instead of scrapping today’s post, I decided I would share my failures to help you recognize that not all bloggers are perfect in their first attempts.  I promise to keep trying and I will post when I am able to master the yeast risen gluten-free donut.

As our Mother’s May ends, I wanted to make sure that everyone knew it was okay, and perfectly normal to mess up every once in a while.  Not that I was intending for this type of post, I really did want these donuts to work out for my sister. I usually don’t have problems with yeast recipes, or I probably wouldn’t think I could contribute to a blog that posts about food.  Because I have succeeded at other yeast recipes, and other gluten-free recipes, I know I’ll just have to keep working and trying different methods to get this to work.

The same goes for all aspects of being a mom.  Just because your child had a really bad day, or doesn’t eat all the fruits and vegetables they should, or watches too much tv (according to “the people who say so”), doesn’t make you a bad mom, or a failure. Just because your house is a tornado zone, and you bought Little Ceasar’s pizza for dinner, or yelled at your kids because they weren’t listening, doesn’t mean you can’t hack it with the best of them! Tomorrow is another day to try another recipe (or method, or whatever), and keep trying until you find what works.  That’s one of the greatest blessings of life, we get to try again, and start over.

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Tomorrow is the last day of our Mother’s May.  I have loved reading about all the different moms we’ve highlighted.  Check back to see who the winners are of our Mother’s May Giveaway!

Our last Mother’s May Highlight is another special mom in my life, my mother-in-law, Lynn Banks.

mother's may lynn banks

Lynn is an amazing woman!  She provided me with my wonderful husband and imbued in him many of the qualities that made me fall in love with him.  When we were dating, I knew he would be a great husband because he had so much respect for his mom.

She was born in Boston, moved to New York when she was 18, then out to California shortly thereafter.  She ended up in Las Vegas where she met her husband, Dale.  Dale was flying-by-the-seat-of-his-pants trying to start a catering business.  Dale is a great cook, but didn’t know how to handle the financial affairs of the business. In fact, that was part of his proposal to Lynn, “Will you marry me, if you won’t marry me, will you go into business with me?”  They’ve been married for over 35 years now, and still laugh about how they ended up together.

Lynn and Dale wanted a family as soon as they were married, but struggled with infertility for several years.  Dale was gone most summers to cater food for fire fighters in the forests, and that left Lynn alone to run their catering business.  Eventually they got pregnant with their first son, and shortly thereafter with my husband.  Their babies were only 15 months apart, and my husband had been taken by c-section 6 weeks early.  It was quite a struggle to keep the family going and the business running smoothly, but Lynn and Dale were able to pull it together by sorting out their priorities.  They tried adding to their family, but after at least 4 miscarriages, they decided to focus on the children they did have.

Now Lynn is a doting grandmother to my two boys.  My oldest loves calling her on the phone and has even started texting with her.  She recently told me she loves waiting for his texts because they always brighten her day.  Lynn has several talents besides the savvy business woman that catered for Sony, Nintendo, Siegfried and Roy, and many other high profile clients.  She is a talented painter, tennis player, and musician.  She always inspires greatness in my husband, and now our children.

I’m very grateful she is part of my life and I can use her example to help me become a better mother.

Did we highlight a mom you nominated?  If not, share a couple of sentences about a mom that inspires you.  We’d still love to see all these amazing moms receive recognition!  What was your favorite part about Mother’s May?  What would you like to see included in Mother’s May next year?

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