Fun and Easy Halloween Sign with Free Printables

Fun and Easy Halloween Sign Post

These signs have been around for a while, but I wanted to try some new tips and tricks, and make this a bit easier to complete.

A while ago I pulled apart a bunch of pallets and sanded each plank down.  Then they sat (and sat) in my garage waiting for the perfect project.  Weathered, scratched, dinged up wood is PERFECT for Halloween!  And this tip I tried works awesome to make this a project you could complete with the kiddos.

I’ve had this pin collecting dust on my pinterest board for a couple of years, and brushed it off to help make the Halloween sign easy and fun for the whole family to enjoy.  Check out the tutorial for Wax Paper Transfers at Unexpected Elegance then grab your pallet plank, or any other type of wood you want to use.

Just one of many signs available to place on your Halloween post

So here’s how simple this project was:



Wax Paper

Piece of wood

Some Kind of Card with straight edge

Black paint (and paintbrush) or Black Magic Marker

Optional: wood sealer


Print desired image on wax paper, apply to slightly wet piece of wood.  And your done.

Okay, it takes just a little more finesse than that, but not much.

Here’s some tips I learned from completing this project (and helping lots of others as well):

  • Make sure you cut the wax paper exactly and straight.
  • Keep a couple of regular sheets of paper behind the wax paper as it feeds through the printer.
  • Help guide the wax paper into the printer, very gently.
  • Have the wood ready to go as soon as the wax paper comes out of the printer.
  • Go over the ink on the wood with paint or a black magic marker.

I used one regular pallet plank (about 4 feet long, 1 x 2, ish) and placed 3 different phrases in the “thirds” of the board.  Then I painted over the ink to help it stand out more.  I used a regular sealer (buy it next to the paints at a craft store) and the ink or paint hasn’t bled despite the very wet fall we’ve had here.  After everything was dry I used my husband’s saw (first time using a power saw, and I liked it, but don’t tell my husband) and cut the boards into the thirds then added the points for the arrows.  For the last step I grabbed a 2 x 4 (again, about 4 ft long) and nailed the signs on 2 different sides of the 2 x 4.  To place the sign in my yard I screwed on a metal spike that overlapped the 2 x 4 by about 1 ft and extended below about 1 ft.  The metal spike was much easier to pound into the ground than the pointed 2 x 4 (I tried).

Awesome Halloween Sign post, completely customizable

One of the best parts of this craft is you can customize the sign any way you want.  You can add as many directions, or change up the phrases, images, colors, etc.

As promised at the beginning of the post, here are some free printables.  I had a lot of fun creating these different phrases on PicMonkey but you can easily create your own.  They have some awesome fonts and images for Halloween (and no, this is not a sponsored post for them, I just love their site)!  If you create your own image, make sure you reverse the image otherwise it will be backwards when you transfer onto your wood.  These printables have already been reversed to make life that much easier for you.  Just click on the image and you should be able to print from there.  Enjoy!


halloween character sign halloween sign 2 halloween sign 3 halloween sign 4 halloween sign 5 halloween sign 6

We’d love to see your creations, share with us on facebook or instagram!

How do you decorate your yard for Halloween?

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2 Responses to Fun and Easy Halloween Sign with Free Printables

  1. Elizabeth in MI October 10, 2014 at 6:51 pm #

    Love it! I have a sign like this (different theme, of course) in my garden but I never thought of a halloween one. It would be perfect by our front steps!

    • Anne Banks October 13, 2014 at 9:41 pm #

      Elizabeth, Thanks for stopping by! I love this sign, I’ve got a few more decoration pieces to add, but this is my favorite!