Fruity Valentines: Free Label Download!

So excited about this HEALTHY Valentine’s gift for my kids to take to school. Every holiday they come home from school with loads of candy in their systems and in their backpacks. I’m all for treats at special occasions, but my kids really don’t need 26 pieces of candy in one day. So this year I’m helping parents out by having my kids hand out healthy valentines. The kids may not be too stoked about this, but the parents will! And I did the math on the bananas and it’s going to cost me less than $0.25 per valentine. Yay! Win-win! I’ve created a free download for you at the bottom. Aren’t these adorable?

Valentines Fruit Labels from Travel Parent Eat

All you need to make these are:
circle label stickers which you can find at most stores or here.
color printer with ink

You can download a whole sheet of 20 stickers for each fruit below. You could even mix and match fruit!

ValentineApples white



Happy, Healthy Valentining! Feel free to share these on Pinterest and Facebook. We’d love to see pictures of your healthy Valentines!


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