Freshly Picked Product Review

Freshly Picked sent me a complimentary pair of Moccs for my 18 month old to try. And today I am reviewing them! I chose the blush color because it is neutral but still feminine.

blush moccs

Cute huh?

I first heard of Freshly Picked before my youngest was born. About 2 years ago.

They were smallish back then. They were trending, and cute, but only a small blip on my radar.

I had a friend who had a pair, and liked them. But all I could think was “$60 For Baby Shoes!? I have 3 kids, the 4th on the way, there is no way I can afford $60 for 1 pair of baby shoes.” (They may have been priced differently then, I can’t remember, but I do remember thinking it was more than I would pay.)


The same friend kept telling me about these darling Moccs, and even gave me a pair for my daughter. That is when I found out for myself why so many people are willing to pay so much for shoes for babies who are just starting to walk!


I am a fan. I still cringe at the price, but not because they aren’t worth it. Mostly because I rarely pay that much for my own shoes, and kids grow fast. Plus I want every pair, and at $60 a pop, that makes a serious dent in my budget.


Here are a few of the things I love about them:

Quality: There is a huge reason these darling little baby moccs are all the rage, it is because they are good quality, genuine leather that is butter soft, and comfy for baby, but without sacrificing usability.

In other words, you get what you pay for.

You get a long lasting shoe that is both stylish and comfortable. I noticed after the first day the toes were a little scuffed, and you could start to see the foot print on the bottom, but several months later, they are still holding up well!

Comfort: Did I mention how butter soft the leather is? It really is.

My daughter is a full walker/runner/climber now, so we don’t need soft soles, but she just loves the Freshly Picked moccs because they are truly comfortable on her feet.

Once we left them outside over night and the sprinklers came on, they totally got wet, but fortunately they weren’t ruined. They were stiff for a day or two, but after that they were fine.

Style: While I am far from the most fashionable mom on the block, there is something to be said for style. And what is more stylish right now than Freshly Picked?

It is fun to be able to dress my baby up in something darling that goes with so much. I like the compliments I get when I take her out in them. I like how she feels about them. 18-months and already a big opinion on shoes and clothes! I am in trouble.

In addition, they stay on. She can get them off, but she has to work at it, which means I don’t have to worry about lost shoes at the park, or getting to the car after a grocery shopping trip only to have to go back and trudge through all the aisles to find a missing shoe. Big perk for this mama!


What do you guys think? Would you pay $60 for a pair? Join the club!  Guess what? One of you may not have to. Next week we are hosting a giveaway. Two lucky winners will get to choose a pair of moccs of their choice courtesy of Freshly Picked! So don’t forget to stop back by.


Do any of you have a pair already? What do you think? We want to hear.



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3 Responses to Freshly Picked Product Review

  1. organizedisland June 12, 2014 at 10:18 pm #

    Oh those shoes are so cute! They do look really soft too. Adorable for a gift idea.

  2. Stephanie Wayment June 23, 2014 at 2:38 pm #

    Those are so dang cute. Might have to try a pair, or two….


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