Free Photo Editing Tool

Free Photo Editing Tool

I am about as far from a professional when it comes to Photography as there is! In fact, I stink, but I am working on getting better, and one thing you can’t put too much value on is a good photo editing software.


The problem is, programs like PhotoShop cost an arm and a leg. Can’t afford it. But that doesn’t stop me from adding text, banners, watermarks etc. to my pictures, and from messing with saturation, temperature, exposure, to get them to look nice. I resize and watermark everything I post, so I had to learn in trial by fire.

There are a lot of editing software and programs out there but I thought  I would share one of my favorite FREE photo editing program: PicMonkey

It is my favorite because it has a lot of functions, it is free (though there are paid upgrades), and you don’t have to download it to your computer! It seriously has so many functions, and it gets the job done.

It is great for adding simple text over photos.

beach Lexi 3 years old

Or for adding banners, labels, or other overlays:

10 tips for toddler beach play

Rounding corners

Keeping baby safe at the beach

And so much more…

It is very user friendly, no tutorial needed. Go check it out! PicMonkey


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