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Fledge Feet Giveaway Winner

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Today’s Mother’s May feature is: Shawna
Shawna was nominated by Cynthia, this is what she said:

"My friend Shawna is a single mom with 4 kids
who does it all by herself. No help from the ex and yet she has a
great attitude about being a mom. While this is special enough she is
also a great mom to any kid who is lucky enough to be around her. My
own son wrote his first love letter to Shawna at 4 years old and I
couldn\'t agree with him more!"

Shawna grew up in Brigham City with 4 brothers who both adored and teased her. She settled in Kaysville to raise her family in a great atmosphere. She presently works at Sportsplex Gym as the Sales Team manager. She repeatedly has said she loves working there because she loves helping people find better physical and emotional health. She’s a great friend, neighbor, sister, aunt, and daughter but the role she loves most is being a mom to her 4 kids ages 8-19!
Being a single mom has to be hard, so let’s give this awesome mom some great comment love.

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