Father’s Day Poem and Craft

daddy's footsteps poem

I know we just posted a printable and craft on Monday for Father’s Day, but we want to make sure all our bases are covered and you have all the options you need, right here on this site. :-)  I found this poem a few years ago and just typed it up quickly in Word, printed it on regular paper, glued it on cardstock and painted footprints around it.  I did two, one for each grandfather.  They liked it, but this year, I wanted to dress up the poem a bit and help you create a home-run present that doesn’t cost much, if anything.  (It must be baseball season for all the analogies I’m using.)

The printable is an 8 x 10, so print it on photo paper if you have some, or just some nice cardstock.  Glue the paper onto a 12 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper.  Paint the bottom of your feet and place it on the outside of the printed page.  Then paint your child’s feet in a different color and place their prints just on top of yours.  Buy a 12 x 12 frame for about $5 at any craft store, and wrap it all up!

Print off the printable by clicking here.

I love this poem especially for my boys.  Boys really will be walking in their dad’s footprints and my boys have a great example to follow.  I know we spent a whole month honoring and highlighting moms, but dads really deserve some recognition as well.  A dad typically provides the support system for the whole family.

I am so grateful for my husband setting a good example for our children.  He has more patience than I, he has more creative ideas for fun, and he is the best at showing respect for me and women in general.  If our boys end up like him, we can count ourselves as successful parents.  My husband has taught me that children spell love T-I-M-E and he shows ours boys his love by spending quality time with them.  He is the first to recommend family time, and the most excited about planning said family time.  He talks to our oldest about the importance of respecting others, and being a good friend.  He is very patient teaching our baby motor skills, and skills important for boys.  mike and boys

I remember my dad taking the time when he got home from work to read the “Dick and Jane” books with me.  He was always ready to help with homework, especially the math, and he is a great listener.  The stereotype is men have to fix problems, and women will listen, but it is the opposite with my parents.  If I need some solutions I will ask my mom.  If I need a listener, I talk to my dad.  My dad will drop everything to help us with anything we need.  He is the general handy man, and if he doesn’t know how to fix it already, he will find out how to do it.

dad pic

What dads in your life have helped you get where you are?  Do you have a special dad that deserves recognition?  Share some love through the comments!

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