Father’s Day Gift and Card

gift idea for Father's Day

It was recently my Dad’s birthday, and as I was trying to come up with a gift I realized one thing we all love is to know what other people love about us. So I emailed all my siblings and asked that they send me 5-10 reasons they love dad. Then I printed them out, cut each reason into a strip, and wrapped it around a piece of “riesen” candy.

father's day gift

I then filled a canister with these delicious little treats wrapped in loving thoughts. I used my vinyl cutter to cut out a phrase that says: “So Many “Riesens” We Love You!”

Riesens we love you

I then attached a note that told him that any time he needed a pick me up, or just wanted to feel loved, he could reach in for a treat and see a reason one of us love him! A Riesen with a reason!

He loved this gift, and didn’t want to wait to read all the reasons.

It was such a fun gift I thought it would be perfect for Father’s Day, so I have included a FREE printable Shirt Front Father’s Day card that you can make with your kids to include with all of your reasons for loving dad!

Father's Day Card image

The instructions are very simple:

  1. Download the Free Printable Found Here.
  2. Print on Cardstock or printer paper
  3. Cut on the solid lines, fold on the dotted.
  4. Decorate the extra include tie, or use it as a stencil on colored paper to make a fun tie! And glue on to the attached tie.
  5. Fold together so it looks like a dress shirt, with the message inside.


This fun card can be used with a bag of Reisen candy, or a canister like what I used for my Dad’s birthday gift. You don’t need a vinyl cutter, but feel free to decorate the canister too! It is such a fast, simple, and yet meaningful gift for dad, and a fun way to get the kids involved in a gift. I hope your dads love it as much as mine did!


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