Edible Christmas Trees 2 Ways

We’ve got TWO fun edible Christmas trees for you today! We’ll start off with healthy and move into tasty…

Veggie Christmas Tree

My kids (but surely not me!) have been eating a LOT of cookies this week thanks to friends and neighbors bringing delicious goodness into our home. I’ve been trying to balance it all out with some healthy food. But when given the choice, my kids will inevitably scream for cookies! I have two tricks when it comes to getting my kids to eat their veggies.

1. Let them dip them in something they love, like hummus, ranch or ketchup.

2. Make veggies into a fun shape like a Christmas Tree.

These two tricks work every time! And this time I even added a little Christmas art, which made it even more appealing. This is easy to do and so healthy. I just threw a tub of hummus at my kids and let them go to town. They even ate the peppers and cabbage! I was a little stunned! I got the baby cucumbers, peppers and celery at Costco along with my chalk board cheese tray (how fun is that?). You can also get it on Amazon for about the same price. Bon appétit!

Veggie Christmas Tree from Travel Parent Eat

Veggie Christmas Trees from Travel Parent Eat

On to TASTY…

Pretzel Christmas Trees

Pretzel Christmas Trees from Travel Parent Eat
Aren’t these so cute?

I wanted a really fast, really easy Christmas activity for my kids to do before bed, and this fit the bill!


Here’s what you need:

Pretzel sticks

Dark Green Melting Wafers or white chocolate and green food coloring.

M&Ms Mini, Sprinkles, or whatever you want to decorate with

Aluminum Foil, Wax Paper, Freezer Paper, or Non Stick Parchment Paper (The idea is to make them on a paper the chocolate won’t stick to.)


Ready for the instructions? This is sooooo hard.

  1. Melt your chocolate. I use a Chocolate Melting Pot, but you can melt it in the microwave or a double broiler. If you overheat it, stir in some shortening to get back to the consistency you need. If you are using the candy wafers instead of white chocolate and food coloring, be sure to not add liquid, as this ruins it.
  2. Lay your pretzels out on your parchment paper.
  3. Dip a spoon into the chocolate, and drizzle it over the pretzels to form the shape of a Christmas tree.
  4. Put mini M&M’s on it or sprinkles to make it look like ornaments.
  5. Let dry completely.





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