Easter Wreath

easter wreathAre you the type of person with a different wreath for every month/holiday/season?  Do you need a quick gift for the Easter dinner hostess, or something to spruce up your front door because you are hosting?

I have just started making wreaths.  I knew I wanted to make a wreath for Easter that was simple and natural.  That is the beauty of spring, it is au naturale and beautiful in its simplicity.  While I didn’t use all natural products, I am very happy with the result.  I started with some ivy wrapped around grapevine that I found at a yard sale.  I used to have the ivy and grapevine on top of my kitchen cupboards, but I updated those and thought I should use the grapevine for an updated project as well.wreath form

I twisted the grapevine into a wreath form, and the last little bit didn’t want to conform, so it made the little nest circle on its own.  How befitting is a nest on an Easter/spring wreath?  I decided to leave it as it was.  Next, I wrapped the ivy around the grapevine and secured everything with some copper wire.

wreath with leaves

The copper wire helped hold everything in place, but it also helped keep the grapevine in the round shape.

Now for the eggs.  I had picked up some Styrofoam eggs at the craft store because I knew they would make a fun project for my oldest and me to work on together.  I just experimented with mod podge and tissue paper and a little glitter glue.  I really like the result.  What do you think?  How would you decorate some Styrofoam eggs for a wreath?  Here’s the steps I followed to finish my wreath:

eggs in nestFirst, cover the Styrofoam with mod podge.  Then gently cover the egg with the tissue paper, you will need a small square of tissue paper.  I started wrapping the egg and then cut off the amount needed to cover the back.  As you can see in the picture, the back isn’t very pretty, so that’s the side that is glued down in the nest.  By the time I was done covering all my eggs my fingers were a bit sticky and I tore a little on the pink egg.  I just covered that layer of tissue paper with mod podge and added another layer of tissue paper.  Easy, right?  Once the mod podge is dry add your own embellishments.  I added some ribbon that coordinated and used a little glitter glue to create some fun designs.

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