DIY Witchin’ Halloween Candy Bowl

witchin' halloween candy bowl

While most of us worry about the candy we will be placing in our bowls this Halloween, I wanted to create a fun bowl to place the candy in.  Actually I usually don’t put candy in my bowl because we don’t eat much candy around here…but that’s another topic for another post.

My mom actually found this super cute bowl idea on pinterest (I created a monster when I introduced her to pinterest).  It’s from Design Dazzle and she gives some pretty good step-by-step instructions to follow along the way.  Instead of repeating her instructions I thought I would share a little of our tips and tricks we discovered as we completed this project.

A word of warning: this is NOT a 15 minute craft project, you will want to set aside at least an entire afternoon to complete this project.  Just sayin’. But it is totally worth it!


grabbing candy

We started Thursday afternoon collecting the supplies we would need for this project. We finished with all the little embellishments and accessories Saturday afternoon. So hopefully you can learn from our tips and avoid the tricks we brought upon ourselves.

(Of course chocolate was on the list of needed supplies, can’t make a candy bowl without candy, right?)

We hunted around the thrift stores for some booty boots.  -K- booty boots are the type that hit just above the ankle.

Tip 1: Look for boots that have a wedge heel and are smaller around the ankle.   I found this pair that were small around the ankle, but have the pointed heel.  They don’t stand up great on their own.  My mom’s pair has more of a wedge heel but they are wider around the ankle, they would hit more below the ankle.  A happy medium would work the best.

witch bowl candy bowl

The next set of supplies we hunted down were the plastic cups for the legs.

Tip 2: If you want to save a step spray painting, find a pair of cups that already have a great color.  My mom found some awesome lime green cups, but they were a little on the small side, it just makes the legs look shorter.  I found these cool pink cups but they weren’t quite the same color pink so I added the green glitter spray paint to help blend the colors.

The thrift stores carry the right kind of cup, but you may not always find a perfect set.  I did see some sets that would work at the dollar store.  Basically look for a straight sided plastic tumbler, not a disposable cup, about 16 oz or more, and tall and slightly wide.

We found our cauldrons at Wal-Mart (none of the craft stores carried the right kind, go figure).  And we had the rest of the supplies on hand.

Just to recap: You will need:  (in no particular order)



Plaster of Paris (use the stuff from the store, don’t try making your own)

Floral wire

A dowel (around 1/2″ diameter)

Tulle in different colors (we used black and lime green)

A power drill

E-6000 glue

withces shoe candy bowl


A tip from Design Dazzle is to spray the boots (inside and out) with Lysol because you will be working in close contact with them.

Apply the spray paint to the boots and the cups at this stage in the game.  Once the cups are dry apply the electrical tape.  I didn’t get too fancy and just eye-balled where my lines should go, but you could measure if you want to make sure your lines are evenly spaced and perfectly straight.  You could also add a different design with the tape, have some fun!

My boots were black, and I had already wired my cups in when I started to spray paint them, some got on the boots, and I loved the effect, so I spray painted the whole boot with the glitter green.  Definitely what you would call a Happy Accident.

Once the spray paint is dry, stuff the boots with newspaper.

Tip 3: Stuff the boots evenly and tightly.  Avoid lumps and don’t stuff beyond the capacity of the shoe or it will make it more difficult to stand on its own.

The newspaper provides balance and also props the cup up so you can see more.

Tip 4: Make sure the cups sit evenly in the boots so it isn’t lopsided under the cauldron.


plaster of paris witch shoeAfter the boots are stuffed and the cups are set evenly, wire the cups in place.  You will use the power drill to go through the outside of the boot and the cup.  Use a steady hand so the holes line up.  The original instructions say to wire from the front and the back, but that didn’t work for our boots, so we went through the sides.  It held the cup in place just fine.  We did have some plaster of paris leak through the wire holes so next time we do this craft (next weekend for those who missed the girls night), we are going to place newspaper inside the cup just over the wire holes to hopefully prevent the leaks.

Tip 5: Use plaster of paris from the store.  It’s not that expensive, especially with a coupon.  We tried using some homemade recipes, and they didn’t set up.  The real stuff sets up in just about 15 minutes, and is super strong.

Once you pour the plaster of paris in the cup you will set the dowel in place.  Cut the dowel 2 inches longer than the height of the cup.  This will provide a sturdy balance inside the cauldron.

Tip 6: Wrap a couple of pieces of wire around the dowel and across the top of the cup.  Cut the wire long enough to bend over the top of the cup.  I didn’t take pictures of this step because it was a little hands on, but we wrapped 2 pieces of wire around the dowel and in opposite directions, so there were four pieces of wire stretching from the dowel to the sides of the cup and wrapped over the lip of the cup.  This helped hold the dowel in the middle and straight.  We did 3 sets of boots at once and didn’t have enough hands (nor were our hands steady enough) to hold until the plaster set.  Our dowels wanted to float up, and we wanted them to be firmly rooted.

add tulle candy bowl

Once you are certain your dowels are in place and the plaster is setting up, head over to your cauldron to pretty it up.  We cut the tulle in 3 different widths, Inside layer of black (right on the bottom) about 2 1/2 inches, Middle layer of green about 4 inches, and Outside layer of black about 3 inches.  We ran the tulle through the sewing machine with a gathering stitch (6) and the machine actually gathered on its own, I don’t know that that will happen with every machine, but using the longest stitch length will allow you to gather the tulle to your desired ruffle.  The length of tulle will depend on how ruffley you want it to look, and the circumference of your cauldron.  Always sew more than you think you will need.  It’s easier to cut off excess than trying to add more once it’s on the cauldron.

You could use hot glue, but it would most likely have to be reapplied each year.  We used E-6000 glue to apply the tulle to the bottom of the cauldron and around the top of the boots.  We also used E-6000 glue to attach our ribbon on the boots.

Glue the tulle in layers around the bottom of the cauldron.  E-6000 glue takes a few minutes to reach tacky stage, so be patient and keep pressing the tulle until it sticks.


drill holes candy bowl

After the plaster is set up you can align your dowels with the bottom of the cauldron.  Design Dazzle suggests using a small piece of duct tape on top of the dowel to mark where the holes should be placed.   We just measured equi-distant from the center on a parallel line.  It works great.  Drill the holes with your power drill.

Finally add the ribbon (Design Dazzle explains this really well), and the tulle around the top of the boot.  You could leave this out, but we wanted to hide the newspaper a little better, and thought it was a cute step.  Just glue and gather as you place the tulle around the inside of the boot.  These were really short pieces of tulle so the legs (cups) weren’t covered completely.

store for later candy bowlOne of the coolest parts of this craft is that it comes apart for storage.  Just pull the dowels out of the bottom of the cauldron and stick everything inside the cauldron.  You may want to wrap the whole thing in a bag to keep the tulle looking pretty. I just love that it won’t take up more space than the cauldron!

witch candy bowlWhat kind of candy are you passing out this Halloween?  It may not matter because everyone will be in love with the bowl you use to pass it out!

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  1. Stephanie Pass October 1, 2014 at 1:08 am #

    This is the cutest idea ever! I love it!

    • Anne Banks October 6, 2014 at 9:18 pm #

      Thanks Stephanie! I love it too! In fact I just had a huge crafting get-together to help a bunch of friends and family make their own because they all loved it so much. Lots of fun, and definitely my new favorite decoration. Thanks for stopping by!