Conner Prairie Interactive History Park: 30 Day Road Trip-Indianapolis

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IndianapolisBy now you probably know we are spending 30 days on the road, and traveling more than 6000 miles. One of the stops we made was Indianapolis, IN, where we got to enjoy great food, fun museums, and for today’s post Conner Prairie Interactive History Park.

conner prairie historyThis park is housed on a huge property, and offers kids the chance to experience life in the past in an educational and entertaining way.

The park is divided into sections, and each section features different parts of life from Indiana’s past. For example, you could visit the farm area, and pet live sheep and goats.


You could learn about carding wool, and how it is cleaned, carded, spun, and used to make things.


You could visit the Potter’s Shop and learn about pottery, and for $5 you could even buy some clay and make your own pinch pot or creation of your choice.


My kids absolutely loved getting creative with their clay, and made turtles!

pottery conner prairie

There was a section devoted to the early 1800’s and it had an Indian Wigwam, a Trader’s Post, and more. My youngest son was very interested in trading something for an animal pelt. He even tried to get the traders to trade his iPad for one. And the rest of our road trip, every time he saw road kill he would ask if we could stop and get it so we could take it to Conner Prairie and trade with it. Hahaha

Traders-at-ConnerPrairieI absolutely loved how educational each area was. We learned how to tell the difference between male and female skunks. It is how many stripes they have on their backs. According to the guide, the female skunk has 2 stripes, and the male just 1.

ConnerPrairieSkunkOne of the highlights of our time at Conner Prairie was a hot air balloon ride.


When you first enter the park, there is a complex that offers a tethered hot air balloon ride. We were able to go on it, and see the park from 377 feet in the air.

CB hot air balloon

Everyone in the family enjoyed the hot air adventure, especially CC.


My recommendation is that if you are going to do this ride, take the time to explore the hallways before the entrance to learn about ballooning, and the history of it. I believe that learning about it makes it more fun for the kids.


They will be able to see how it works, who used it, some history and facts.


They can also pose for a fun picture inside a miniature balloon, as it is really hard to get a picture in the actual balloon since it is so huge.


My oldest son is very curious, and was worried about whether or not the balloon would be safe. He tends to be a worrier, but the balloonist took the time to explain the mechanisms that would keep us safe, and show how the balloon is tethered. She also made sure to let the kids know exactly what to expect and when so there were no surprise bounces, or sways. The kids loved the landing, which takes a few minutes to accomplish!

ConnerPrairie4There are tons of different areas to visit, from indoor areas where kids can learn and play, to outdoor areas where they can take part in past times from the past, or learn from experts about things like wood carving, sheep shearing, etc.


CC loved trying her hand at the stilts.

CP rooms

And I enjoyed hearing about the tools and methods used in the past to create furniture, to trade, and to make daily life enjoyable and as comfortable as possible.

I highly recommend spending a day at Conner Prairie Interactive History Park, you will need a whole day! And don’t forget to pick up some Triple X rootbeer in the gift shop. If you go to the check out desk you can get an ice cold bottle! And it is delicious.

Check back tomorrow to see what other fun things we enjoyed during our visit to Indianapolis.






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