Children’s Museum – 30 Day Road Trip: Indianapolis, IN

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Fun, education, and oh so many options for entertainment! Plan an entire day for the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, you are going to NEED it! 


In case you missed it, I took my kids on a 30 day road trip. You can read about it here. One of our stops was Indianapolis, IN and while we were there we spent some time at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. But not nearly enough time.

I have been to a Children’s Museum before. Several in fact, but I have to say that none have been nearly as impressive as this one! In fact, after over 3 hours in the museum, we barely saw half of it, and certainly did not have enough time. Despite living in UTAH, I seriously debated getting a membership. I think we could spend all day, every day, of our vacation there, and my kids would be thrilled.


My favorite exhibit I did get to see was the Take Me There China! Obviously I love to travel the world, and learn about new cultures, and The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis did a fantastic job of creating an exhibit of Chinese culture. It was full of fun and educational activities for the kids.

China 2

From calligraphy to stamping, to cooking in a Chinese restaurant, to a puppet show, there were so many ways for kids to spend time. I think we could have spent the whole day just in this section. There are panda bears, markets, medicine shops, and so much to learn, discover, and explore, I get a little overwhelmed just trying to write about it.

Chinese Caligraphy

In addition, there are employees who interact with the kids, and talk to them about China! It was very cool to watch, to learn, and to have fun.

I enjoyed it, my kids enjoyed it, and my teenage sister even had a great time. She spent quite a long time at one of the kiosk things on the wall that teach you phrases in Chinese. So don’t let the name “Children’s” Museum fool you, adults will have a good time too.

China Children MuseumOf course, I just loved watching my 2 year old interact at all of the different areas set up. She would run to one, and get fully immersed, then we’d try to make her move to another. She never wanted to leave whatever place she was at. But she had fun all over the museum.

CC at Children MuseumShe spent the last hour we were there playing in the top level play area, which houses a Carousel, several little houses that are set up for kids to play in. A tree house, and more! We stayed until close, and when the employees came up to let us know the museum was closing she cried.

Treehouse at Children Museum

But can you blame her? How fun does this look?

Of course, she was not the only one that had fun. My two big kids headed off with Aunt Hannah a few minutes in, and I did not see them again until close. They made their way through the museum, and left with tons to tell me! My youngest son loved the Transformers exhibit. And was happy to stick with me, as long as we spent some real time in that area.

Transform child museumHe chose his side! And loved watching the live demo of a transformer, transforming right before the eyes of the kids.

It was really cool, and I loved the way it was handled. There was a rope to help keep the kids back, but at one point a little boy who just couldn’t contain his excitement for the Transformers slipped under the rope, and had to touch. Rather than scolding, the employee putting on the show bent down, asked him a couple questions, and redirected him back under the ropes. It was perfect!

TransformerBasically we had an amazing time, and I definitely want to go back. If for no other reason than to see the cool water clock and amazing glass sculpture again!

Glass sculpture

Learn more about the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis on their website.




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