Low Cost Accommodations- How to find a cheap hotel!

You may remember from my post last week (San Francisco for less than $100/day) that my husband and I were able to stay in San Francisco for free. While this is a rarity, it is not too difficult to find low cost accommodations (Under $75/night), making travel more affordable. However, it can take time and […]

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San Francisco on Less than $100/day Budget

My husband and I recently went on a trip to San Francisco. The first thing I have to say is “Ouch! My legs, shins, calves, feet were killing from the massive amount of walking.”   The second thing I want to say is, “So fun!” This was an anniversary trip, so we intended on going […]

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10 Reasons to Travel While You and Your Children Are Young

Travel is my passion, so you don’t have to tell me twice to travel now and later. However, I have a lot of friends who keep putting travel off. “I will get there someday” or “We will go when the kids are a little older” or “After we retire, we will have the time and […]

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