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Do you know what you are really eating? Use these tips to avoid the dieting pitfalls and stay on track. |Travel Parent Eat

Are you REALLY eating healthy?

Can I make a confession?  I have taught Nutrition for a university for over 6 years now.  That’s actually the longest job I have ever had.  My confession isn’t that I switch jobs too frequently for my resume.  My confession is that I have taught nutrition for a long time, and I am still (slightly) […]

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Collection of the 10 best organizing tips for all aspects of life by Travel Parent Eat

The 10 Best Organization Tips for Every Aspect of Your Life

How many of you have set the goal to get more organized this year?  What areas of your life do you want to organize?  Your home?  Your time?  Your wallet?  I think I could use help with all those areas.  In fact, one of the biggest areas I need to organize is my purse!  Anyone […]

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5 Reasons you Should Show Affection in front of your kids

Let’s get things straight right off the bat…I’m only talking about G or PG rated affection here folks, don’t start jumping to conclusions that quickly.   Keep it to a simple kiss, appropriate hugs, and basically anything you wouldn’t be uncomfortable seeing when you were a child watching your parents interact. I had a few […]

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Welcoming a New Contributor: My Sister!

I’ve mentioned my sister a few times as I’ve talked about my adventures in gluten free baking.  (Check out these yummy no-fail donuts, or awesome, easy dinner) Well, now I’m excited to share her with you because (after months of begging) she’s agreed to help with a few posts every now and then. I’m gonna […]

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5 Tips to Help Teach Kids How to be Grateful by Travel Parent Eat

Teaching Kids an Attitude of Gratitude

In this month of Thanksgiving, and today’s holiday–Veteran’s Day, we need to help our children understand the importance of gratitude. It has been birthday season around our house the past couple of months, and with Christmas right around the corner, my husband and I are starting to hear a lot of “I want”s and “I […]

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5 Reasons to Visit Sapphire Beach Resort

**Thank you Sapphire Beach Resort for sponsoring this post, keeping it free for readers! 100% of opinions are mine. ** I recently had the pleasure of visiting San Pedro, Belize and staying at the Sapphire Beach Resort. The Sapphire Beach Resort is a quiet, secluded resort on the island of San Pedro, off the coast of […]

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5 Tips for Enjoying your Kid’s Birthday Party

I love hosting parties.  I think they are a lot of fun, and I would have a party every weekend if my budget would allow it, and the stress didn’t kill me.   As much as I love throwing parties, I haven’t always been great about getting them together and everything organized in a timely manner. […]

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Tips and Tricks for Recovery After Exercise

One of the hardest parts about exercise is feeling sore afterwards, right?  When I try a new exercise, or get back into exercising (especially after having a baby), I forget how sore I will be after the exercise.  Just a couple of months after my (almost) 2-year-old was born, I hit the gym ready to […]

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5 Reasons to Visit South Dakota

Have you ever been to South Dakota? As an avid traveler I am all about seeing the world and visiting those treasures that are across the globe. However, I have lived about 10 hours drive from South Dakota most of my life, and have never bothered to visit. It is South Dakota…why would I? Beyond […]

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5 Tips for Visiting Four Corners Monument

Have you ever been to Four Corners Monument? It is a unique monument because it is the only place in the US where four states intersect at one point: Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. I had a chance to visit Four Corners with my kids, and while it was fun, there is not a […]

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