Boys Weekend, 5 Sites You May Not Know About in Southern Utah

With Father’s Day in just a couple of days, we wanted to share a fun trip for the boys to take.  I guess the girls can tag along if they want, but in my family, Southern Utah jeeping really is for the boys.  My brother and dad love to take their jeeps, go across some crazy trails (that don’t really look like trails) and find some breathtaking scenery.  I asked my brother if I could borrow some of his pictures from his latest experience.

These pictures are the first place they stopped on their trip.  This is the hike to Upper Calf Creek Falls.

They found some wonderful off-the-beaten-path places, like this cave, and the trail wasn’t too far off the highway.  The hike to Lower Calf Creek Falls was marked with more signs and a paper map at the trailhead.  They were able to see some old Native American ruins, like what you see here.

It wouldn’t be called Calf Creek Falls without some falls, quite beautiful!

The second site with remarkable views in Southern Utah is Hole In The Rock.  This site was named because the Mormon Pioneers had to blast through the rock, and lower their wagons with a series of pulleys.  It is at the top of part of the Colorado River, and Lake Powell.  The “road” to get to the Hole In The Rock  does require four-wheel drive, and there are a couple of slick rock areas, but you can reach the bottom of the Hole from Lake Powell.  Here’s the view from the top.

You can hike between the rocks, and marvel at how the Mormon Pioneers were able to fit their wagons, etc. through this small space.

Not too far from Hole In The Rock is Chimney Rock.

Southern Utah is full of these crazy rock formations that make you wonder if there really were giants playing chess in the middle of the desert.  The scale of the rocks in front of Chimney Rock give you a bit of understanding of how tall this rock is!  The kids in the picture act as proof that you can make a Southern Utah jeeping trip fun for the whole family!

These sites were all based from an Escalante campsite.  Escalante Staircase is a National Monument, not a National Park, but you still have to pay to enter the “Monument”.  Escalante is about center in the bottom portion of Utah.

A few hours North, and East of Escalante is Moab.  Ahh, Moab, it seems like everyone knows about Moab.  Did you know I have an arch named after me in Arches National Park?  Okay, not really named after me, but there is a Wilson Arch, and Wilson is my maiden name.  The famous arch in Arches National Park is Delicate Arch.  That’s the arch that is on the Utah license plates.  There are several different arch systems in Arches National Park, mainly hiking trails, but lots of fun for the whole family.

arches and andy


Just an hour or so from Arches National Park is an amazing piece of history.  It’s called Newspaper Rock, and it is located just outside of Blanding, Utah, and just East of Canyonlands National Park.  Newspaper Rock is the largest collections of petroglyphs on one rock face.

Wherever you end up visiting in Southern Utah, you will have a blast!  Don’t think Southern Utah is only for jeeps, there are some amazing hikes to take as well!

jeep trip andy and mike


What are some of your favorite places to visit in Southern Utah?  There are so many, I had a hard time limiting it to just five for this post!  Please share some of your favorite sites.  If you would like to see more of my brother’s pictures and here more about the exact turn-offs, etc., you can follow the link here.

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  1. Cindy Eikenberg June 14, 2014 at 4:12 am #

    Anne, these photos are simply gorgeous! I have never been to Utah but hope to visit one day. Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful day!