Boonshoft Museum of Discovery: Columbus, OH- 30 Day Road Trip

Thank you Discover Ohio for providing complimentary tickets to the museum to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

We made it to Columbus Ohio! On the way we stopped in Dayton, OH to have some fun at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery.

During our 30 day road trip one of our stops was the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. And I can’t wait to share all the fun details with you guys because this is a MUST SEE children’s museum.


Boonshoft is far more than a museum. In fact it is an accredited zoo, a Planetarium, and an observatory as well as a place for kids and adults alike to explore, play, and enjoy all while learning.

The museum houses a number of exhibits, including a water table, a climbing tower, over 60 animals native to Ohio, and tons of places for kids to play, make (fake) pizza, learn about recycling or be a veterinarian, and so much more. It is a 94,000 square foot building, and each and every area is full of potential learning and fun!


When we pulled into the Boonshoft Museum, we were all feeling a little tired. We were 2 weeks in to our trip, and had been going full speed. It took some convincing to get my kids out of the car. They were so funny about going to “a museum.” My oldest son even said, “Do they have wifi so I won’t be bored?” But about 10 steps in the door, they changed their tune.


All four of my kids were like little pin balls bouncing from one exhibit to the next, and couldn’t get enough. They particularly loved the climbing tower after being in the car for a few hours.


The bigs went up quick, and my little miss just had to follow. But once they got to the top, there was even more to see.


My kids loved being able to see all of the animals that are native to Ohio, and they also enjoyed being able to touch sea life, and learn all about the starfish.


I loved that my son took his iPod out, not to play games, but to take photos. He was excited.


In addition to several learning based exhibits, like the Oscar Boonshoft Science Central, there was straight up play.


My son absolutely loves LEGOS, and he enjoyed the big bin full of LEGOS that encouraged creativity.



One of the places we spent a great deal of time was the Pizza Kitchen. It was seriously cute you guys!

boonshoft pizza kitchen in Ohio

There was a place to order your pizza, a pizzeria style eatery, a pizza delivery truck, and the kitchen! You could put your order in, then the “employee” would take your order into the back, and build a pizza. There was a cute kitchen area with bins of “ingredients” and a pizza oven.

pizza kitchen tpe

My kids loved being able to create pizzas for me, and play in the delivery cart.

pizza 2

My favorite part of the museum was the Color Wall, where you can dance, move, and pose in front of a light, and see the colors dance across a wall. My kids loved it. I loved it. Definitely check it out.

color-wallBe sure to check out the other days on our 30 day road trip, and all the fun stops we had along the way.


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