Book Review: For All Time Trilogy by Janelle Clawson


Two weeks ago (has it already been that long ago), I traveled with my husband to one of his business conventions.  He was busy with meetings and lunch appointments for most of the time.  I knew that would be the arrangement so I downloaded this trilogy, For All Time, by Janelle Clawson to read on my kindle while I soaked up the sun on the beautiful beaches of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.  If you’ve never been to Coeur D’Alene, you definitely need to go!

I was hoping to finish the trilogy while we were gone so I started the minute we got to the airport in Salt Lake, and finished shortly after we arrived home four days later.  I was mesmerized by the books.  The characters, conflict, love, and forgiveness propelled the story line from beginning to end.  I enjoyed every minute I had reading these books.

This is the first series of books published by Janelle Clawson.  She has since published Ride the Wind, and is working on a few other books.  You can read more about what she is working on at her website

Without giving away too much of the plot twists, I’ll share a review of these three books.

The first book takes place in the Peruvian Andes.  The main character, Ryder Garrison, is an avid rock/mountain climber and has determined to tackle a mountain he heard legends about.  It was told to inhabit the soul of a dragon that guarded a treasure buried by Ancient Incan thieves.  He was hoping to tackle some dragons that inhabited his own soul as he conquered climbing this dragon.  He unwittingly climbed into the dragon’s lair that would trap him for over 2 years.  He made friends along the way, and his native english provided him prestige as a fellow American found her way into this dragon’s lair.  The dragon is a symbol of the king that rules the village nestled in this valley in the Andes.  The friends must learn to forgive, and trust one another as they plot their escape from the dragon, King Ateron.

The second book picks up right where the first one ends.  The friends are continuing to plot their escape from King Ateron, and find a way to leave life better for those who must stay behind in this village.  Despite many trials and challenges, the friends are able to create enough distraction to escape and climb the dragon’s head once again.  They further their friendship, forgiveness, and love through the arduous journey of the climb and trek back to civilization.  Finally, the friends are able to reach the US Embassy in Peru and return to America.

In this last book, the friends must find a way to convince their families their love is beyond feelings of camaraderie and duty.  Ryder discovers his actions at 14 have long-lasting consequences beyond what he had previously imagined.  Once again the trials seem insurmountable and the circumstances beyond control of the characters.  They must determine their priorities and define what circumstances they will allow to control their futures.  With a happy ending for all, these stories will tug your heart strings, make you question your level of forgiveness, and leave you cheering for the characters as they triumph.

The books are available exclusively through Amazon kindle.  You don’t have to have a kindle to read them, just the kindle app, which is free and available on both apple and android app stores.

You can purchase them through these links.
Above The Clouds (For All Time Book 1)
Beneath the Moon (For All Time Book 2)
Through the Mist (FOR ALL TIME Book 3)

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