Who has the Best Shakes in Bear Lake?

Famous Raspberry Shakes

I just got back from a fabulous family get away to Bear Lake. It is a gorgeous lake that borders Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. It has a unique color, is over 200 ft deep, and is so much fun.

I seriously can’t explain how beautiful it is.

It was a much needed break, and we had a blast. I will post a few fun and free things to do in Bear Lake this weekend, but for now I want to talk about one of the great things about Bear Lake. The Shakes!!

who has the best shake in bear lake

One of the things Bear Lake is famous for is their raspberries. They are amazingly juicy, sweet, and the perfect plumpness. And of course, because they have awesome raspberries this became a little industry for the small towns surrounding the lake.


In Garden City you will see salsa, jams, syrups, and plenty of other raspberry themed foods for sale everywhere you go, from hotel lobbies, to gas stations, to gift shops. And you won’t be able to miss the numerous signs for the “Famous Raspberry Shakes”.


Everywhere you look, everywhere that sells food will proclaim that they serve the “famous raspberry shakes”. And so we thought we better taste test them all and see who really has the BEST!


It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. My four kids were thrilled to be part of the fun. All the shake places are within a half mile of each other.

jakes shakes


We started with Jake’s Shake: They serve hard ice cream, and real raspberry shakes, and tout that theirs are the best.

shake from Jake's

The first thing I noticed is they were the most expensive. For just over $5 I got a small shake (I want to say 12 ounces??). It was creamy, and clearly used real raspberries. But was a little runnier than I typically like in a shake.

La Beaus

We then moved over to La Beau’s Drive-in: They had a long line, and slow service (to their credit, they were training a new cashier, so it is possible it is not always that slow), but for about $4.50 I got a really good sized shake (I want to say 16 ounces???) with lots of flavor.

raspberry shake test

It was creamy, thick, and had a very fresh taste. It was my personal favorite of the day!


home town drive in

We then got a shake from Home Town Drive-In : The owner greeted me and took my order. The cost was about $4.50 for a small (12 ounces???) but it was not small, it was a good 2 inches above the cup, the way a shake should be.

hometown shake

It was a dark pink color, with nice chunks of real fruit. And it was so thick and creamy. Yummy!

quick n tasty

Last we went to Quick and Tasty: We actually got shakes here a couple times. They were the best value at $3 for a small (12 ounce???) and $4 for a large (16 ounces ???). They got the shakes out quick.

quick n tasty shake

They are soft served ice cream mixed with real fruit, and were super delicious. No complaints!


So here are the results:

best shake winner

All the shakes were good. But the verdict from my 5 taste testers was Home Town Drive- In! It was the thickest and creamiest. It had a very fresh raspberry taste, and came at a good value.

I loved the La Beau and Quick and Tasty, the Quick and Tasty was definitely a great value, as the cost was far lower, and the quality was not. The Jake’s shake was our least favorite, which surprised me because it was so much more expensive for so much less.

My kids were so excited to go back and tell the owner we liked his shakes the best. He was flattered and asked for a Trip Advisor Review, which I will do, but for now, if you head to Garden City, Bear Lake, Utah, stop by for one of his awesome shakes. you won’t regret it.

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2 Responses to Who has the Best Shakes in Bear Lake?

  1. Bear Lake UT/ID (@Gobearlake) June 6, 2014 at 7:14 am #

    The best shakes are at the places that don’t claim to have “famous raspberry shakes”. Next time you are in Bear Lake try one from Lakeside Pizza and (strangely enough) Chevron. You won’t be disappointed! But I love the post. Mmmmmmmm…

    Oh and at Quick N Tasty if you get the Raspberry-Lime shake it is delicious! Both fruits are a little tart and blend well together!

    • Rachael June 7, 2014 at 10:50 am #

      Thanks for the info. We got homemade raspberry ice cream at the gas station, and pizza from Lakeside Pizza, but not a shake. next time!