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**I received complimentary tours to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Touring BelizeYou may remember we posted recently about a trip we took to Belize and the awesome resorts we stayed in. But one thing I have yet to share with you is the details about the amazing tours we went on. I honestly can’t decide which one was my favorite so first I am going to tell you about the company we used for the tours: Pacz Tours. Later I will share some of the details about our trip to Tikal, and our tour floating the river through caves!

Pacz Tours sign

Pacz Tours is located in San Ignacio, Belize in a small space in the middle of town. From the looks it is rather unassuming, but trust me when I tell you it is a great company.

They have a small office with a friendly, knowledgeable staff and excellent, experienced guides.

The tours were priced well, very affordable for travelers, while offering everything you would want when visiting the region. We opted for a Mayan ruins tour at Tikal, which is over the border in Guatemala, and we went cave tubing with them. There are a few reasons I highly recommend Pacz Tours if you are heading to Belize and want to take a tour:


Pacz is Eager to Accommodate:

One of the things I was most impressed with was their ability to accommodate us. One day it was too rainy to do the tour we wanted. We had our hearts set on that tour, and we were leaving the next day. They did their best to get us on a different tour, and when that didn’t work, they took our contact information, and as soon as the tour opened back up, they called us and had us on our way.

Now you may be thinking this was simply because they wanted to collect their fee. But, not only did it not feel that way. They called and asked the tour to stay open past their close time to let us do it. They didn’t usually run a tour at that time, so a guide came in on his day off. Basically they bent over backwards to make sure we got to do the activity we wanted.

In addition, at one point my husband couldn’t find his wedding ring, and we called and they searched the van for us. (Good news, we found it!).

Guatemala washing station

Pacz Guides are Very Knowledgeable:

The guides were great. We have traveled all over the world, so I know the difference between a well-informed and helpful guide, and someone just in it for a paycheck. The guides gave relevant and useful information, but allowed plenty of time for exploration and question asking. They allowed us to take our time where we wanted, and rush through the areas we weren’t as interested in.

Pacz tours

Pacz does Pricing Right:

We looked into many of the tour companies in Belize, and found their prices to be competitive. For the quality of tour, the prices were right on.

river tubing

We had an amazing time with Pacz, and I will definitely use them again if we return to Belize! I appreciated the service, the fun, and even the food!

zip lining

I am trying to decide if there was anything bad to report. It rained a lot, but that is not Pacz Tours fault. We had to share the first tour with other people, but it was pleasant, and we never requested an individual tour. So I would say the only downside is I am a big time planner, and they have a very laid back attitude. I honestly wasn’t 100% sure we would have a guide picking us up for the tour. Clearly they did, but know that if you work with them you will get a lot of “Sounds Goods” and you will likely have to push them to get details, like where to pick you up. So go into it knowing this and all will be well.

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