Battered, Deep-fried, Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Why eat healthy when these sweet potatoes will steal the show at dinnertime.  Awesome just by themselves or as a side dish for a festive feast.  Travel Parent Eat

It’s the holidays, and no one wants to gain an extra 10 pounds, but I think I just did typing in this title.  And looking at that picture.

How can you improve on a baked sweet potato?  Batter it, deep fry it, and load it with candied pecans and toasted marshmallows.

This is exactly (well, almost) what I had at one of our favorite restaurants, Ruby River.  My husband and I ate there recently and I finally caved and got the loaded sweet potato with the battered jacket.  They say the most nutrients are in the skin of the potato, but I don’t usually eat the skin.  I will from now on, but I think the batter and deep-frying probably counter the nutritious elements in the skin.

As complicated as these may (or may not) sound, they would be so easy to add to your holiday dinner.  They can be baked beforehand, and then you just deep fry them right before you want to serve them.  Deep frying doesn’t take that long.

So here’s how you’ll make these beautiful, tasty treats for your next meal.

Battered, Deep fried, Loaded Sweet Potatoes


1/3 c pancake mix & 1 egg for every 2 potatoes

Vegetable or Canola oil for frying

A tab of butter

A handful of candied pecans

A handful of marshmallows

deep fried sweet taters ready to bake


Wash and bake the sweet potatoes.  I poke holes in mine and place them in a pie pan to bake.  Bake them at 350 or 400 for about an hour or until they are soft enough to squish (just don’t break the skin).  You could also microwave them, but it does effect the firmness of the skin.

Once the potatoes are baked, allow them to cool.  Whisk together the pancake mix and the egg.  Heat the oil in your deep fryer, or just in a deep pot.  Cover the potatoes with the batter.   Carefully place the battered potatoes in the hot oil.  Make sure it is cooked evenly on all sides.  Remove from the oil once the batter is golden brown.

Slice the potato open and dot the inside with some butter.  Sprinkle the pecans and marshmallows inside and on top.  Turn your oven on to broil.  Place the stuffed potato under the broiler for only about a minute, you don’t want to burn the tops of the mallows.

Sit back and enjoy all the wonderful flavors of these sweet potatoes, and all the compliments you’ll receive at such a creative twist on an old standby.

Battered, deep fried, loaded sweet potatoes...winning hearts of southerners everywhere!  Travel Parent Eat

Try these sweet potatoes with this marinated pork.

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