Avoiding the 3 o’clock Slump

Do you ever find yourself feeling slugging around 3 pm? It is a common thing, and even has its own name: “The 3 o’clock slump” But you don’t have to be victim to it.

That dip in energy is caused by a dip in blood sugar levels and circadian rhythms. These control energy, appetite, and sleep. It is normal for them to have fluctuations, the problem is when those lows lead to grabbing sugary, caffeinated drinks and treats to get energy back. If you have flagging energy around 3 daily, it is time to a few steps to avoid this.


Step one: Eat Breakfast

Eat Breakfast

Step two: Snack

Snack evenly during the day so the body has an even supply of food to keep blood sugar levels even.

Step three: Avoid a heavy lunch

This can take time to digest, which makes you lethargic as the blood goes to your stomach. Instead try a light meal with complex carbs and quality protein.

Step four: Avoid certain foods

Avoid foods that create spikes in blood glucose levels: Soda, sugar, white bread and potatoes, chocolate

Step five: Refresh Yourself

Move around, get some fresh air, and play in the sunshine. This will help you get some energy back to face the rest of the day.

Hope that helps you get through the 3 o’clock slump unscathed.


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