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Hi, I'm Anne! I am an active learner on this crazy road called life. I love learning about anything, but currently spend most of my study time researching parenting tips and improving health. I get excited about crafting, reading, running, baking, and spending time with my three crazy boys (in no particular order, and sometimes at the same time)! I love sharing what helps me get through the day, and I hope my tips help you!

Learn about the best family friendly spots in Hawaii Travel Parent Eat

State of the Week Highlight: Hawaii

We just got back last week from vacation in sunny, southern California, and it made me wish for warmer weather here as well.  So I decided this week’s highlight would be the sunniest place in the US, Hawaii! We LOVE Hawaii (all of us here at TPE)! In fact, we’ve already talked about some of […]

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Simple Lemon Chicken Tetrazzini

I know I’ve been posting a lot about healthy foods, and healthy lifestyle tips lately, but sometimes you need a little cheat meal.  And this meal isn’t so much a cheat meal, as it is good ol’ fashioned comfort food. While I was serving my mission for my church, the mission president’s wife (we called […]

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Why you should be drinking more water to help with weight loss, and the types of water to drink or avoid. Travel Parent Eat

Losing Weight With Water

I received a sample of Essentia Water in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own. How are your New Years’ Resolutions going?  Still holding strong?  Hopefully today’s post will help with them.  It’s an easy one to keep actually. I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine.  I am […]

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Guest Post: 52 Weeks to Fortify Your Family

I’m so excited to share this great book with you today.  With as crazy as the world is today, we need to take every opportunity we can to strengthen our families and strengthen ourselves as moms. Nicole was nice enough to stop by and share some tips for strengthening families.  First let’s get to know […]

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State of the Week Highlight: Iowa

Today’s road trip takes us up the Mississippi River and to the top of Missouri’s border.  We’re visiting the great state of Iowa. We have a tour guide for this week’s highlight: Chelsea Johnson from Life With My Littles. Hi everyone! I am Chelsea from Life With My Littles (www.lifewithmylittles.com). I blog about creations and […]

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Find out the best family friendly vacation spots in Missouri with Travel Parent Eat

State of the Week: Missouri

You might be wondering how Utah and Missouri are connected.  How are we going to draw the line between Utah and Missouri?  We aren’t.  Instead of using a pattern to highlight the different states.  We are going to share them in true random form.  That’ll keep you guessing, right? Missouri was technically the second state […]

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Do you know what you are really eating? Use these tips to avoid the dieting pitfalls and stay on track. |Travel Parent Eat

Are you REALLY eating healthy?

Can I make a confession?  I have taught Nutrition for a university for over 6 years now.  That’s actually the longest job I have ever had.  My confession isn’t that I switch jobs too frequently for my resume.  My confession is that I have taught nutrition for a long time, and I am still (slightly) […]

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Collection of the 10 best organizing tips for all aspects of life by Travel Parent Eat

The 10 Best Organization Tips for Every Aspect of Your Life

How many of you have set the goal to get more organized this year?  What areas of your life do you want to organize?  Your home?  Your time?  Your wallet?  I think I could use help with all those areas.  In fact, one of the biggest areas I need to organize is my purse!  Anyone […]

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On the Road with Travel Parent Eat #usabytpe A highlight of family friendly activities in every state

Welcome to the New Year: State of the Week, Utah

  Last year we mentioned we were trying something new this year at Travel Parent Eat. We are going to be highlighting some fun family activities in the states all around you.  Well, every state to be exact. We will be having some great guest posts and lots of great tips and tricks for whatever […]

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Protein smoothies are a great way to stay on track with healthy eating, make them easier and faster by using these starter cubes| Travel Parent Eat

Protein Smoothie Starters

I received the Nuttzo butter from Whole Foods in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own. I love drinking a healthy protein smoothie right after I’ve finished my workout.  My biggest issue with the smoothie is making it.  I’m usually in a hurry during the morning breakfast rush, and sometimes I don’t get […]

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