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I am Rachael, I have a passion for all things travel. I have an incurable wanderlust, and a need to see and do. I have four littles that call me "mom" and I am currently wading through the ever changing tides of parenting. I am figuring out what works, and what doesn't. And, I have a passion for food. In fact, I have an entire website dedicated to food www.eazypeazymealz.com. I love to eat, cook, and try new things.

Low Cost Accommodations- How to find a cheap hotel!

You may remember from my post last week (San Francisco for less than $100/day) that my husband and I were able to stay in San Francisco for free. While this is a rarity, it is not too difficult to find low cost accommodations (Under $75/night), making travel more affordable. However, it can take time and […]

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I’d Rather Be A Role Model Than A Super Model, But Both Would Be Nice!

I have a daughter who is currently seven. She was playing at my sister’s house, and trying to get her daughter to hold still while they were painting nails. She asked, “Don’t you want your nails painted?” After a negative response she said, “But if your nails are painted you will be prettier and more […]

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San Francisco on Less than $100/day Budget

My husband and I recently went on a trip to San Francisco. The first thing I have to say is “Ouch! My legs, shins, calves, feet were killing from the massive amount of walking.”   The second thing I want to say is, “So fun!” This was an anniversary trip, so we intended on going […]

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Are You Raising Entitled Kids? How Not To!

Today I want to talk about a sticky, polarizing, sensitive issue- Entitlement!   I always hear people complain about the entitlement of today’s youth. The entitled generation. Kids and individuals who want something for nothing, who think the world owes them, and that their problems are the government’s fault, the school curriculum’s fault, the neighbor’s […]

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Assumptions and Parenting: Are your assumptions making you a bad parent?

When I first learned what it meant to assume, my teacher taught me that doing so makes an A** of “u” and “me”. It was a silly, borderline inappropriate, ditty to help kids remember what it means to assume, and to this day, I haven’t forgotten that little lesson. Assumptions, while often justified, do not […]

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10 Reasons to Travel While You and Your Children Are Young

Travel is my passion, so you don’t have to tell me twice to travel now and later. However, I have a lot of friends who keep putting travel off. “I will get there someday” or “We will go when the kids are a little older” or “After we retire, we will have the time and […]

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