Are You A Harry Potter Fan? How to know for sure.

I love HPThis is the week of Harry Potter’s Birthday! Now I realize He is a fictional character. But, since I love to read, fictional characters take on a life, and Harry and the rest of the characters in the Harry Potter Series were like comfortable friends that were part of my life for years. We could always pick up right where we left off (in the last book), and continue our story (or the story) like nothing had changed.


And so I call myself a fan.

But it is your turn? Have you ventured into the magical world of Harry Potter? Have you taken that journey that captures the heart and a little piece of the soul? Have you ever called yourself a Harry Potter fan?

But are you?

Let’s have some fun, and see how big of a fan you really are.

You might be a fan:

  • If you know what page 394 means.
  • If you have ever wished that an owl would drop a Hogwarts acceptance letter through your fireplace.
  • If you have ever referred to cuddling with your loved ones as a “muggle snuggle”.
  • If the word “Malfoy” is a dirty word in your house.
  • If you look at the toilet as a means for getting to the Ministry of Magic.
  • If you try to talk to snakes in Parseltongue
  • If you snickered while watching the Olympics every time “Katie Bell” dove because you know she is a Wizard Chaser.
  • If you are afraid to go to the bathroom alone because let’s face it, look what happened to Hermoine, Ginny, Myrtle, and Katie.
  • If you have ever wondered which house the sorting hat would put you in
  • If you shed a tear for Lupin, Fred, Colin Creevy, Lavender Brown, Tonks, and Snape…and so many more.
  • If you have ever baked a cake on July 31, just because.
  • If you have ever wondered if the Bank teller is a goblin in disguise.
  • If you don’t write on Facebook on Sunday because as Uncle Vernon says, “There’s no post on Sundays”
  • If the Warner Bros studio in London is on your travel bucket list.
  • If you wish you could subscribe to the Daily Prophet instead of the New York Times.
  • If you reread each book all 7 years.

Take this quiz to find out whether or not you are a real fan. What is your score? I will tell you, I did not get as high a score as I would have liked.

This whole week we will be sharing fun Harry Potter themed posts, and of course, a special post for his birthday! You don’t want to miss it!



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