Guest Posting Policy

We love Guest Posters! But, please read our guest post guideline below before submitting:


The #1 Rule: Relevance

We have to feel that your content is a good fit for Travel Parent Eat. If you haven’t checked out what we write about and what we think, don’t submit. All content must reflect the ideals we promote on our blog. We don’t tolerate intolerance. In other words, no slams to other religions, people, sects, creeds, lifestyles, etc.  If you can capture the ideas we are trying to promote, we would love to hear from you! But just so you know, we are kind of picky!


Quality Requirements:

We do not accept posts that are poorly written. They must be written in English, and must show a good command of the language, grammar, punctuation, organization, and clarity. Spelling and grammar checks are a must! Please take the time to edit your posts, reread them, rewrite them, and the like. Use an outline. We love a good wrap up!


We prefer word count between 400 and 1200 words. All posts must be original content, unique, and not plagiarized! This includes pictures.


Preferred Topics and Subjects:

Our name says it all, we want topics to be about Travel, Parenting, and Food. However, we are a lifestyle site, and accept photography posts, health, and crafting. If you think you have a great idea for a guest post for our blog, let us know!

We want your post to be useful and helpful to our readers. Please include actionable tips. We would love if you could help solve our reader’s problems, and offer them some advice, tips, tricks, and tactics for solving those problems.


Link Requirements and Policies:

1. We encourage internal linking. We ask that you link to other posts found on OUR blog, and know that we may add internal links as well.

2. We allow up to 3 links in the content to your own blog/site, but only if it is relevant, and useful for our readership. You may also add one link in the byline. That is four total links.

3. We do not allow affiliate links in guest posts.

We reserve the right to alter content as we see fit. Please don’t be offended if we make changes!


Post Image Requirements:

We require an image to be sent in with the guest post. It must have proper attribution if not original. We will attribute you for your original work. No stolen images.


Republishing Policy:

If we choose to use your post submission, it becomes property of Travel Parent Eat, and you grant a license for Travel Parent Eat to be the exclusive publisher, but with proper credit given to you (the author). The content must be original, and cannot be republished elsewhere. You may, however, republish excerpts on your own blog.


Formatting Preference:

While we encourage creativity, we would prefer the following formatting:

1. Subheadings used in the post body.

2. We don’t require HTML in fact, we prefer posts to be submitted in Word .doc or .docx format.

3. Use short paragraphs and bullet points.

4. Credit all sources.


Fill out a contact form below to send us your guest post via email. Tell us a little about yourself and your site. We will be checking you out. Please make the subject line: I Love TPE Guest Posting.

If we accept your guest post submission for review we will let you know, confirm with you, and let you know when it is scheduled for. Be patient, we promise to get back to you!