Why Travel, Parent, Eat?

These are our passions. Travel Parent Eat is about life. And making the world a better place. Where better to start than in our own homes? Whether it is over a shared meal in the dining room, or a shared experience across the globe, we want to build family and community.

The blog started out as an adventure between friends, and has morphed into a place to share the Yerkes Family experiences, passions, crafts, and fun. It is one part family journal, one part place to explore our passions, and just a whole lot of fun.

Who Are We?


We are the Yerkes family. We are a family of 6 who love to see the world. Who rejoice in a good meal around the family table. We are busy. We are flawed. We are fun. We are silly. We are who we are, and we just want to work a little harder to be a little better.

We’ve got Dad, who is a flight attendant, and a big part of why we get to go all around the world. Dad loves to run. He also loves vintage video games, eating great food, and hanging with his kids.

We’ve got Mom, the food blogger, and person who runs the show and keeps everyone together at home. She is cook, driver, tear wiper, and task master. She loves to read and travel.

We’ve got Dillan, basketball fanatic, French speaking, hard working oldest child. He is a talker, analytical, social, and athletic. He also loves to craft, and cooks a mean german pancake.

We’ve got Lexi, gymnastic loving, hug despising, family peacemaker. She is the biggest helper, and is good at pretty much everything she does, and has a competitive streak. She too speaks French!

We’ve got Derrick, sweet-hearted, sensitive, generous souled lover of art.  He can make friends with anyone, has a sweet tooth, and is the best cleaner! He too speaks French.

We’ve got CC, our sassy one. She is our social butterfly, and friendly one. She loves unconditionally and fully. And everyone loves her in return. She is a tad spoiled, and the darling of the family. Her favorite thing is Snapchat!

Then there is Rory, our boxer puppy. Mom had a moment of weakness, and now she is an integral part of the clan. She is active, fun, and loving. And loves to nip at toes.

What to expect:

This is a blog about our experiences and life as a family of 6 + 1 dog, but it is also meant to offer useful advice and information. We will share stories from our travels, from our daily life, and things that interest us. Basically it is our family journal, but we would love to have you along for the ride.

And, as cheesy as it sounds, through it all we hope in some small part we can leave the world a better place!


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